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Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha is popularly called as “100 physicians” as it has its strong connection and link with the healing abilities and medicine. It is an empty circle that denotes the capability to find out the unknown philosophies and mysteries. It is a secretive constellation that has its complete emphasis upon the various mystic powers of life. Natives born under Shatabhisha star are intrigued with research and puzzles and are prone to depression. But overall it offers an ambitious nature to the individuals.

 According to the Vedic Astrology, Rahu is the governing planet of Shatabhisha Nakshatra. It appears to be a circle, an ox cart or a round charm which symbolises healing. Varuna (God of Cosmic Waters) is the Hindu Deity for this Nakshatra. The gender of Shatabhisha Nakshatra star is neutral.

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Let’s find out about the personality, characteristics, health, family life, profession and other insightful details about people who have Shatabhisha as their Janma Nakshatra.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Characteristics

  • You being the native of Shatabhisha nakshatra, are highly opinionated and possess the traits of healing and caring.
  • You are extremely secretive with a wide vision and have some mystic and rational side.
  • You possess strong intuitional power and you work with a methodical approach.
  • You hold a rigid personality and follow a strict discipline.
  • You like to keep a few friends but go beyond limits to maintain long term association with them.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Strengths

Perceptive, daring, clever, truthful, charitable, sharp minded, bold, enterprising, artistic, analytic, possess good writing skills, defensive, sharp, and emotionally balanced.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Weaknesses

You are highly dependent on others, lack self-esteem and confidence, too much secretive, inflexible and stubborn, mentally anguished, uncommunicative, unstable, secretive, miser, and argumentative.

Shatabhisha Male Characteristics

If you are a male individual who is born in the Shatabhisha Nakshatra then you always remain extremely firm on your principles no matter what. You can even sacrifice your own interest for the sake of following the set principles. You are inclined towards religious beliefs and rituals. You are a bit stubborn and do not change your point of view for anyone. You are emotional as well as intelligent. You hold an aggressive personality and tend to get angry even on small affairs. You do not like to make propaganda of your achievements, talent and material possessions and like to live a simple and modest lifestyle.

Shatabhisha Female Characteristics

If you are a female individual who is born in the Shatabhisha Nakshatra then you possess a calm and peaceful nature. But it is also easy for others to provoke you at small matters. You are a God loving person and have interest in performing religious acts. You tend to lose your mental peace because of indulging yourself in unnecessary arguments and domestic fights. You are generous and affectionate person who has a sound memory.

Shatabhisha Education/ Career Interest/ Profession

The male natives might experience a challenging and difficult time till the age of 34 years. Soon after this, you are likely to make steady growth in your career and business. Your academic and literary excellence will be recognized in your young age only. If you are a female individual then you have keen interest in the field of science. It is most likely that you will become a doctor if you are born in Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

Most Suitable Profession: Writer, Astronomer, Rocket Scientist, Researcher, Doctor, Engineer, Nuclear scientist, and Physician.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Family Life

If you are a male individual who is born in the Shatabhisha Nakshatra then you are likely to experience several issues and problems mainly from your loved ones. Even then, you will offer them a helping hand. You would have maximum troubles because of your brothers. You might even not get any huge benefit from your father’s side. But you are likely to get immense support and love from your mother. You will get a good wife with all traits of a perfect housewife but still, you might not experience a blissful and smooth conjugal life. If you are a female native of this Nakshatra, then you are likely to get a caring and loving husband but still you might face several problems in your domestic life. You can spend most of your time away from your husband due to long separation.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Health

The male natives are not likely to have a good health as they will suffer a number of issues because of poor immunity such as frequent cold, cough and viral infections. You might also face health problems such as diabetes and breathing issues. If you are a female native of this Nakshatra then your health is a matter of concern. You are likely to suffer from uterus related problems. You might also face health issues related to chest pain.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Names

For a newborn under the Shatabhisha Nakshatra, the most suitable name would be the one that begins with the following syllables: Go, Sa, Saa, Si, See, Su, Soo, Gau

  • What is the lucky stone for Shatabhisha nakshatra?

    Ceylon Gomed

  • What are the lucky numbers for Shatabhisha nakshatra?

    4 and 8

  • What is the lucky color for Shatabhisha nakshatra?

    Bluish Green

  • What are the lucky days for Shatabhisha nakshatra?

    Saturday, Friday and Monday

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