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Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra signifies true rise and supreme growth. It is a bright pale rose star, known as the Aldebaran. It represents the reddish celestial woman which exudes passion, liveliness, and warmth. The name has emerged from term Rohan that denotes presence and also represents emergence. This Nakshatra enables its natives to attain the heights of perfection and achieve success. 

Rohini Nakshatra is the consort of Moon. It is regarded as one of the brightest stars in the entire celestial firmament. According to the Vedic Astrology, Moon is the governing planet of Rohini Nakshatra. It appears to be an ox cart or chariot which symbolizes fertility. Brahma is the Hindu Deity for this Nakshatra. The gender of Rohini Nakshatra star is female.

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Let’s find out about the personality, characteristics, health, family life, profession and other insightful details about people who have Rohini as their Janam Nakshatra.

Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics

  • Being born in the Rohini nakshatra out of all the 27 Nakshatras makes you attractive, flexible, slim and gives you a magnetic personality.
  • You hold a gentle, courteous and modest nature with an emotional heart. You are a nature lover, as well.
  • You are a friendly and adjusting person. You know how to mold yourself and your attitude according to the people and place.
  • You always remain the center of attraction in every social gathering. You fetch the attention of everyone with your charming looks and skills and which is why people trust you easily.
  • You hold a crystal clear personality which is straightforward and simple. You have a lot of respect for the values and terms of society and your family.
  • You always remain much dedicated when it comes to your life aims and goals. You welcome changes and do not follow predetermined rules and beliefs.
  • You remain conscious and alert when it is about your health and are unlikely to suffer from any kind of disease or infection.
  • You like a hassle-free life with utmost peace and patience in it.
  • You are likely to face several ups and downs but still, your devotion towards work remain intact.

Rohini Nakshatra Strengths

You hold a beautiful appearance with a charismatic persona. You are a good listener and communicator, balanced, responsible, healthy, comforting, smooth talker, truthful, well educated, sharp, intact, purposeful, and non-envious. You have a high inner strength and also a strong public appearance.

Rohini Nakshatra Weaknesses

Some of the key weaknesses of people belonging to Rohini Nakshatra include easily influenced, indecisive, addictive, oversensitive, short-tempered, rigid and critical to others.

Rohini Male Characteristics

If you are a male individual who was born in the Rohini Nakshatra then you appear to be a stubborn and rigid person who does not like taking advice from others. You often find fault in other people. You never plan anything in advance to deal with any kind of uncertainty. You never let your enemies live peacefully and always hold a grudge for them.

Rohini Female Characteristics

If you are a female individual who was born in the Rohini Nakshatra then you always remain well behaved and well dressed. You are strong and bold outside but at the same time weak at heart. You face troubles because of your short-tempered behavior. You being a female native of Rohini Nakshatra usually enjoy a happy married life. 

Rohini Education/ Career Interest/ Profession

The individuals of the Rohini Nakshatra are more likely to face serious tribulations and trials between the age of 18 to 36 years. The problems pertaining are more likely to be on the health, social and economic grounds. The natives of Rohini Nakshatra enjoy the best part of their life during the age of 38-50 and 65-75 years. You must be careful while dealing with business partnerships as there are chances of fraud and being cheated.

  • Most Suitable Professions: Real estate, fashion designer, musicians, politics, agriculture, hotel and restaurant business, herbalists, cosmetic industry, gemstone dealers, banker, automobile industry, packaging and distribution, jewelers, botanists, textile industry and modeling.

Rohini Nakshatra Family Life

The natives of this Nakshatra do not get any sort of benefit from their forefathers. These individuals are much connected to their mothers and to the relatives of their mothers’ side. You may not follow your moral laws or religious laws in a firm and strict way. There could be some ups and downs in your married life. 

Rohini Nakshatra Health

You as a native of the Rohini Nakshatra will be highly vulnerable to several diseases and infection such as blood sugar, blood cancer or any other illness related to blood. You might also get troubled with urinary disorders.

Rohini Nakshatra Names

For a newborn under the Rohini Nakshatra, the most suitable name would be the one that begins with the following syllables: O, Va, Vi, Vu

  • What is the lucky stone for Rohini nakshatra?


  • What are the lucky numbers for Rohini nakshatra?

    1, 2, 3, 6 and 9

  • What are the lucky colors for Rohini nakshatra?

    White, yellow and blue

  • What are the lucky days for Rohini nakshatra?

    Saturday, Friday and Wednesday

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