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Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nakshatra

Magha represents Maghaban which means clouds and they are regarded as the source of brightness and light. It also signifies the words, ‘mighty’, ‘bountiful’, ‘benevolent’ and ‘magnificent’. Magha Nakshatra is symbolized by a throne which shows that the native will have high prestige, powerful and would possess some royal traits. It also means grand and stands for high social respect, domination and authoritative status.

The natives who belong to this particular Nakshatra become leaders in any field they choose. Apart from worshipping the deities, the natives also believe in offering prayers to the Pitras. Such people are highly inclined to rituals, traditions, and ancestral beliefs. According to the Vedic Astrology, Ketu is the governing planet of Magha nakshatra. Pitrus is the Hindu Deity for this Nakshatra. The gender of Magha Nakshatra star is female.

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Let’s find out about the personality, characteristics, health, family life, profession and other insightful details about people who have Magha as their Janam Nakshatra.

Magha Nakshatra Characteristics

  • Being born in the Magha Nakshatra you are likely to have a good physical appearance.
  • Another major trait which makes you attractive is your conspicuous persona.
  • You will be highly inclined towards your ancestor’s property and heritage.
  • You possess wonderful leadership traits.
  • You are thoughtful, interactive and have a knack for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • You are also extremely concerned and watchful about the way you behave and deal with others.
  • You always make sure that you do not hurt others with your words and actions. If something happened like this, then you make several efforts to rectify your mistake and asking for an apology.
  • You do not prefer other people hindering into your life and work. And because of this, you usually make a negative association with many people.

Magha Nakshatra Strengths

You are positive, balanced, clear, kind, intelligent, conservative, helping, respectful, dependable, and traditional. You as the native of Magha Nakshatra also have many admirers and are honored for your achievements.

Magha Nakshatra Weaknesses

You are short-tempered, severe, discontent, arrogant, prejudiced, resentful, jealous, and have too high standards

Magha Male Characteristics

If you are a male individual who was born in the Magha Nakshatra then you appear to be highly enterprising. You are very much devoted to God and also pay huge respect to the elderly. You wish to lead a calm and peaceful life and also speak very softly. You are recognized as well as highly appreciated among the group of educated people. You intentionally never do any such thing which might hurt others. You like to help others.

Magha Female Characteristics

If you are a female individual who was born in the Magha Nakshatra, then you are always ready for indulging in argumentative discussions and quarrels. You are God-fearing as well as charitable. You look for luxuries and comforts in your life. You usually put all your efforts in order to help others. Many times you are responsible for creating rifts between your in-laws and your spouse.

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Magha Education/ Career Interest/ Profession

You will be doing something in which you can make use of your own skills and talent. You are likely to be from a rich background but still are very hard-working and possess sincerity in your work. You are not likely to be a business person or entrepreneur. You would switch your jobs quickly. Once you are determined about something, nothing can change or move you. But because of your quarreling nature, you might not get any support of your seniors and colleagues at workplace. You are likely to gain success in your career which will help you in releasing all the material possessions, comforts and gains.

  • Most Suitable Profession: Manager, politician, heads of corporations, actor, judge, musician, lawyer, historian or archaeologist.

Magha Nakshatra Family Life

The male native of the Magha nakshatra will have a blissful and smooth married life. But you are also required to bear several responsibilities such as taking care of your homely affairs as well as providing financial help to the siblings. If you are a female native of this nakshatra then you would become the main cause behind the family friction and ultimately it would result in continuous fights between you and your partner. You are likely to experience a happy married life if you go for a love marriage.

Magha Nakshatra Health

Being a male native of Magha Nakshatra, your health will face several ups and downs as you might suffer from asthma, cancer, night blindness. There might be health issues such as blood disorders, jaundice, and eye problem if you are a female native of this nakshatra.

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Magha Nakshatra Names

For a newborn under the Magha Nakshatra, the most suitable name would be the one that begins with the following syllables: Ma, Maa, Mi, Mee, Mu, Me

  • What is the lucky stone for Magha nakshatra?

    Cat Eye

  • What are the lucky numbers for Magha nakshatra?

    7 and 10

  • What are the lucky colors for Magha nakshatra?

    Cream/Ivory and Red

  • What are the lucky days for Magha nakshatra?

    Saturday and Tuesday

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