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Free Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2020

Taurus Yearly Horoscope forecast for 2020

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Yearly Horoscope 2020

Know What 2020 Has in Store For You

General Predictions

2020 should be a year to think and finalize about your personal aspirations and goals. You should not delay the same! Start early and get into the detail about what all is required to achieve your goals. Taureans who are going to pursue their goal of self-betterment will get the support of all the planets this year. The year 2020 is poised to pay rewards for all the hard work being put in by you. Especially, the period from May to September is a great time to work hard and get rewarded. The finances will be steady. There will be some change from the month of April to June, and this change will be positive. Your relationships will be good throughout the year. Your focus this year will be to hone your skills and develop your knowledge base. Start your preparation a bit early so that you get through your learning phase without any hiccup. You will get the support of your near and dear ones. You should stick to the budget and spend wisely throughout the year else you may face some turbulence on the financial front.

You might handle an important project, and there will be many negotiations that will happen during the process. Analyze the details minutely and then only take your call to move or not to move ahead with the project. You will get benefits of your decisions in the later part of the year so stay focused and tenaciously work throughout the year. You may get to meet a special person of a different nationality, and the chances of you getting into a relationship are high. Love life seems to be good this year as you will enjoy the togetherness with your partner. However, you may face some health issues in the because of your erratic lifestyle, excess alcohol, consumption of junk food, etc. You should stick to a healthy regime of strenuous physical activity and a nutritious diet to cut back the flab and get back on the track. Leisure activities like travel, partying with close pals and other pastime activities which will be full of excitement & entertainment are also on the cards. You will be able to maintain an excellent balance between your professional and personal life.

The overall year 2020 looks exciting for the Taureans as there will be a lot of surprising and amazing activities throughout the year. Those who are in a job will get promoted and may get good salary hikes, and those who are in business may generate a good amount of profits this year. The students may choose an onshore university to pursue their higher studies which will open new doors for them, and they will get exposure to international methods.

You should set up your priorities in life and work on them accordingly. Focus on developing a good network as well to get good support to fulfill your dreams. Your camaraderie with the people around will be excellent, and this will keep you charged up throughout the year.

1st January 2020 to 31st March 2020

You have always been an independent person, and it will show up in your demeanor in the month of January. You would like to show to the outside world that you are unique in your own sense. However, don't get distracted by the same that everyone around is concentrating on you. Be focused, put in your best efforts and leave the rest to your destiny. Your dreams will be big, and your ambitions will pave the way for your growth so stay put and keep the fingers crossed. You may get to meet many people this month, and it's a human tendency to get carried away at times especially when you meet a person of the opposite sex. We advise you to keep a check on your fantasies and do not indulge in some “quickies” or short-term pleasure opportunities as it may create a dent in your relationships.

The month of February will bring some great news for you. Those who are working in a job will get a boost in their career based on the enthusiasm and drive. You might get some additional responsibilities and salary hike based on your improved skills and experience. In the month of February, you may also get to meet someone who is mature and understanding and the same person will inspire you to get better and better with the passage of time. Those who are already in a relationship, you should give some time to your relationship and assess all aspects of the person you are dating before moving into the commitment. You should take this advice seriously because getting serious or committed with the wrong person may be the decision that you may repent throughout your life.

Many nice things may happen in the month of March. It is indeed a great time for you. The lady luck will bless you with good fortune especially at the start of the month. The onus will be up to you to make use of the available opportunities and get the maximum benefit out of them. You will enjoy working on all activities and accomplish your professional tasks seamlessly in particular. All you need is meticulous planning and some grit, and everything will be done easily. Your network will grow, and your involvement in social activities will pave the way for your growth and development. The bond with the people around you will be great. Take some time off from your hectic schedule to relax. Spend some time in solace and invite your close pals for a get-together. Keep this routine for every weekend to prep up for the hard work in the coming days.

1st April 2020 to 30th June 2020

A hectic life might take a toll on your mental health. April is going to be a stressful month. You will lose your temper, and this will irritate the people around you. Your attitude may spoil the mood of others, and this could lead to strained relationships. Work towards developing your patience level and practice meditation to calm your senses. Try and put yourself in other’s shoes, think and then react. It's high time that you change yourself and change should be for good. A slight change in behavior and everything will be alright!

May is the month of some contemplation and introspection. You will be able to find out reasons for your irritable behavior and mood swings. Few toxic people in your network have caused this irritating behavior and made your life miserable. Most likely, one such person is your boss, and if that is the case, you should think of making a move in your career and look for some more avenues. Analyze thoroughly before you decide to take a jump or do something of your own because sometimes we make a decision in a jiffy without thinking and the same may prove to be detrimental.

The month of June should be much better. Your overall mood should be excellent. At the start of the month, you will get to meet some influential people, and the best part is that you will communicate with them very effectively. Your mind has been juggling with many ideas, and you will be able to put across your thoughts very effectively to the critical decision makers. It will prove to be your best bet throughout this month. Your mind will be very sharp, and the people around you will appreciate the same. You will spend a good time with your partner and it will further deepen your bond.

1st July 2020 to 30th September 2020

In the month of July, you will attempt to change your appearance. You will revamp your entire wardrobe and purchase some brand new clothes that match your personality. Also, you will resolve to blast the flab from your body by incorporating some serious strength training and cardio program so that your overall personality looks good. This will make you mentally and physically agile, and your overall productivity will improve. You may expect some good news on career front during the latter part of the month. Just make sure that you are in the good books of your supervisors!

In the month of August, you will advance in your career, but apart from hard work and potential, diplomacy and your relations will also matter a lot. There will be times when due to excessive work pressure, too many deadlines in one day and demanding schedule, your health may suffer. Avoid tiff and tussles at workplace. Such actions can reduce your chances of promotion and salary increment. Practice some meditation, Pranayam & Yoga to maintain overall balance and improve your emotional quotient. You may take up alcohol due to excessive work pressure, and it may affect your health. Don’t overdo it, limit your drinks and maintain the overall balance of your health.

The month of September should be a good one for you. Continue to work on your appearance and make sure that it does not look weird. You may come across a senior and seasoned professional this month, and he/she may give useful insights about your career, and you may get many benefits in the future. Things will progress, and work in your favor as lady luck is standing right beside you.

1st October 2020 to 31st December 2020

The month of October is poised to be an excellent month for Taureans. You will do reasonably well in almost every field and will be rewarded for your grit, hard work, and determination. Be at your diplomatic best so even when there are some minor clashes; you will control your emotions and would try your best to not aggravate the matter any further. There may be some domestic tussles as well, and the same will be handled very immaculately by you. A diplomatic attitude will surely take you a long way. Continue doing meditation, Pranayama, etc. to control your mind and maintain a fine balance.

In November, you may confront people on very trivial issues. This is very tricky because in the last month your diplomacy played a significant role and this month you may be off the track. In the process, you can seriously offend someone very important your life, and this may tarnish your relations with that person. You have to understand the viewpoints of other people and give due respect to them. Think about ways to collaborate, compromise and having fun instead of saying no, and you will see the positive changes in your life.

December is again a tough month for the Taureans. It's not easy to change your methods and attitude overnight, so the turmoil of the past month continues. You may get into trouble with your business partner/associate, a very ugly spat with someone senior or authority, or an equally bad argument with someone important in your life. Our advice is that think twice before you utter something and things will get better by the month end, and you will start feeling much better. Your overall qualities are very nice, and you just have to control your anger which is definitely not an uphill task for you.

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