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You will focus on your career, and ambitions, predicts August Monthly Horoscope. The strength of planets will shift in the Northern hemisphere and is poised to improve as the month progresses. The same will bless Pisces with good communication skills and better expression power. The western part of August Horoscope chart looks much better from the past. Hence, you will be very large-hearted and will give due respect to other’s feelings. In fact for the majority of the month, you will pay more attention to the needs of your friends and family and will ignore your ambitions. Though, others may just take advantage of your help and may not return the favor. Nothing to worry, as you are independent and can get the work down without any external help. Our advice is that you should maintain a delicate balance between your family life and professional career, particularly during Annual Mercury retrograde. Your activity areas this month will be social get-togethers, building your career & love interests.

The career is ruled by Jupiter, and it is on the upward trajectory of your zodiac which is a brilliant signal for Pisces ascendant. The conditions of the planets, especially during this part of the year, is indicating very robust career growth. You will get excellent support from your supervisors at the workplace and your family members which will enable you to perform efficiently, and as a result, you will get loads of accolades. Your creative ideas will be recognized, and you may get substantial pay hike. You might get an excellent job opportunity.

Finance wise, the month looks average as per August Pisces Horoscope. Do not expect anything substantial and the onus will be on you to make some savings. Find some alternative channels to generate cash flow. Be wise while spending your hard earned money and cut back on unnecessary expenses. However, your partner may get some good financial rewards this month, and it may ease off your pressure. You can improve your current financial position by working for others and earn extra cash. You can also expect few transactions and payments being cleared up by this month end. 

Mercury is placed in the house of soulmate and is poised to stay there. Those who are single can get married this month. This is a month of socializing with a lot of people, and there is a very high chance that you may meet your potential love interest. Love is in the air and Pisces will make many heads turn with their charisma and charm. For married couples, this month looks good to extend their family.

Overall health looks fantastic barring few problems that may pop up through this month. Nothing to worry as they will pass through without causing much trouble. We advise you to go for routine checkups and take breaks at regular intervals to stay efficient and energetic.

Pisces Horoscope of August 2018

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