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You will be blessed with a lot of positive energy and a lot of vitality this month. Libra monthly horoscope states that you will be taking up huge tasks this month that requires an intellectual capacity for your bosses and companies and this will put you on fast track growth. The moon will transit the money house at the beginning of this month and the rest of the month will be spent there. Mercury planet will also stay in your money house up to 13th of this month. The money house looks very robust this month. Your intellectual capacity will be on top, you will understand, comprehend and absorb data very easily and your learning curve will be very steep. A fantastic period to take up the educational course of your choice and if you are an expert in a particular subject then go ahead and share your knowledge with others.

The love relationship may be a bit confusing this month where you will be a bit emotional whereas your partner may not comprehend it and it can be vice versa as well. Libra monthly Horoscope states that this may be a matter of disappointment as well. You may start to think about the course of this relationship. Planet Venus will transit in Libra on around 2nd of this month and will again enter into Scorpio and may prove to be a very tricky situation. The love may be intense but with a lot of arguments throughout the month. You will have to be on your toes about what is going to come in next. Patience is what will keep your relationship going. On the family front, the month looks very promising and everyone would enjoy each other’s company, and this will create harmony in the family. The children will be very disciplined and behave well when elders are around.

The month seems to be a mixed one regarding your health. If you have been suffering from chronic ailments, then you may feel better this month. However, due to a change in the climate, you may feel a little bit disturbed and may fall ill. Prevention is better than cure, and if you have a history of throat infection, then you may have to be extra careful because your condition may worsen. You may stay healthy if you follow your regime properly, avoid aerated drinks and junk food in all circumstances as they may prove to be a significant obstacle in your health goal. Do not overstress yourself and take adequate rest. This will be the mantra to stay agile and fit this month and the coming year.

Stars are not favorable for your career front, and you may work in a very disappointing work environment, and you will be depressed every day when you go to work. Because of this pressure, you may not achieve the desired outcomes at the workplace. In your business, you may earn only marginal profits and may get just a few leads to grow your business this month. You have to be very patient and wait for the right time if you are associated with transport business. You may make some profits but only after some sincere efforts.

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