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Pisces will be seen focusing on career and other worldly ambitions in this month predicts monthly horoscope. The planetary strength has shifted in the Northern hemisphere and looks to increase as the month progresses. This will provide you with better expressions and ability to communicate. The Western half of this month horoscope chart looks better than the previous months. Hence, you’ll be selfless and will look to value others’ needs over yours. For a better part of the month, you’ll be overlooking your ambitions to pay attention towards family and friends. However, others might not reciprocate the same way but you’re self-reliant and know how to get things done without any help. We will advise you to find a balance between professional life and family this month, especially during the annual Mercury retrograde. You’ll be most active in career building, love interests, and social circles.

The ruler of career, Jupiter, is moving upwards in your zodiac which is an excellent sign for every Pisces ascendant. This planetary condition, especially this time of the year, indicates terrific growth in career. You’ll have strong support from your family and higher officials at work. This will help you perform better and consequently earn loads of appreciation. You will be recognized for your creative inputs and there can be a pay hike coming your way. It is a great month for job seekers as well.

Finances look so-so, says this month Pisces horoscope. There is nothing significant to expect this time and it’s pretty much on you to save a few bucks or find an alternative method to earn extra income. You need to be wise with your expenses and cut back on routine budget. However, your spouse may get a raise at work so it’s not that bad. You can aid your current financial condition by helping others make a few extra bucks. You can expect a few transactions and payments getting cleared by the end of the month.

Mercury is in the soulmate house and it looks like it is there to stay. Wedding bells may be ringing for singles this month. You will be socializing with a lot of people and it is highly likely that you come across a potential romantic partner. The love is in the air for Pisces and they’ll be turning a lot of heads with their charm and charisma. It seems like a good time to plan a kid.

Health looks wonderful throughout the month and even if something comes up, it would subside in a day or two. Our advise for you would be to get routine checkups and take regular breaks. It will help you stay energetic and more efficient.

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