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Free Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope predicts that career and relationship will be in focus this month. This is mainly because the planetary cluster is concentrated in the upper hemisphere. Mars is looking strong which ensures family receives its due attention amidst all the other worldly aspirations.

Planetary strength is on a continuous rise in the the Eastern sector of the monthly hororscope chart. This makes you feel more confident and you’ll be able to guide yourself towards fulfilling all your wishes. Capricorns are dominating which means people have to submit to your terms. You’ll be in the driver’s seat and others will follow your commands. Your master planet, Saturn, is moving backwards and it will have an immense impact on your personality. You will be in a confused state of mind regarding the path you should follow and it will make you question your choices. You’ll be active in social events, spiritual readings, career and finance.

Monthly Capricorn horoscope predicts that your ambitions will be closely linked to your family. You carry the notion that your growth is your family’s growth. You will also help quite a lot of your friends and colleagues with their desires which will enhance your social status. Mercury retrograde in your chart indicates towards promotion or a pay hike at work.

This month cash flow will be obstructed by the planetary congestion blocking the entry of Jupiter into the wealth house. There is nothing substantial this month in terms of monetary benefits and you will be tied to a shoestring budget. Our advise would be to cut back on expenses and plan your month wisely. All the transactions will be stuck in a limbo, testing your patience and ability to survive a delay. However, your partner looks good on the finance front.

This month looks like a stalemate for romantic couples. Singles will be struggling to find love and married couples will be dragging themselves. Socializing is a good option for those who seek pleasure instead of commitment. If you’re planning a kid, we would advise you to wait till the 19th. The period between 8th to the 20th can be troubling, there can tiffs, struggle for dominance, and petty differences between you and your partner.

Health looks absolutely wonderful this month and there is nothing to be worried. If your are willing to make some changes to your daily routine, then this looks like a perfect time.

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