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If you are looking to change something, this month is an apt time. As per the Cancer monthly horoscope, Sun will transit into Capricorn, and that will be the opposite position where people will have a different opinion from you, so it is the best time to test your tolerance and patience level. Although, it is easier said than done and you will find it difficult to maintain your composure, but you have to trust your own decisions in this month.

Monthly Cancer Horoscope depicts a lovely picture regarding your job and work. You will get a lot of monetary benefits and advance towards the growth trajectory in your field. If you have your own business, then you may get a lot of positive results if you decide to enter in a relatively new field. Though, you have to be very cautious as some of the colleagues may prepare a pitfall for you, so refrain from getting into an argument with them. Also, avoid the legal hassles in this month and avoid baseless discussions as it may affect your life miserably. Financial prospects look very bleak today, and if you are in some legal tussle with anyone, then you may lose out on a lot of money. Try to defer this case for a later part during a favorable period. You may face a lot of difficulty in realizing the profits as per the plan because the circumstances may be very unfavorable and you may suffer losses. Keep some money safe for turbulent times, and you will thank yourself for the same. You may get to travel, and the results may be average but if you travel toward the east then you may enjoy some marginal benefits.

This month is very apt for social get together events, those who are single will be able to find their romantic mates very easily this month. Those who are married will see their romantic life touching new heights today, and they might conceive a baby also.  There is also a chance of conflicts and heated arguments between you and your partner this month, and you will have to be very patient and mellowed down. Also, you may have to compromise to keep your relationship going, and that is OK. You will get to meet a lot of new people this month, and you will develop new relationships with them and let go of the old ones. It’s the circle of life, and people will come and go in your life. The month is full of mixed emotions for you as there will be frequent fights between you and your partner. The need of the hour is to resolve these issues as soon as possible because the situation may become worse. Towards the end of the month, both of you can take a small holiday together and enjoy the togetherness.

You will be relatively healthy and active both physically and mentally barring few ailments which would need immediate attention and acute care. Illness like fever may pop up during the middle of the month and won’t last for long. There is also a possibility of eye infection during the month so take due care of your eyes.

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