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Mars is happily stationed in Taurus which means once again for the Airy Aquarians family matters and relationship slide down on the priority list. Emotional aspects of your life would still continue to remain second and career and finance would continue to be the centrepiece. A Mars-Uranus retrograde on the 15th gives you a punch of wisdom and you shall be able to learn from your past experiences and will leave no room for mistakes. The Sun transits into Sagittarius constellation on the 22nd meaning you’ll be on the move. A trip to some distant location or a quick getaway is on the cards. Overall, November makes up for an adventurous little period in your life. Major areas of interests this month would be spirituality, academic pursuits, relationships, and self-awareness.

The best part about this wonderful combination of Mars-Uranus and Sun is that it takes your career graph to a whole new level of greatness. Something that you’ll witness this month and probably the next as well. Monthly Horoscope reveals your career will be at it’s yearly best this month. What’s even wonderful is that your achievements this time around would stay with your forever. Pluto moving into Sagittarius sign results in long-term and significant impact on one’s career. You will reach an all-time great professional status. Plus, your spouse would be doing equally wonderful in their respective fields. This would act as a source of additional encouragement for you to keep going.

Due to a forward movement of planets in the Eastern half,  your finances will show a gradual rise over the first couple of weeks in the month. You’ll certainly come across new and better ways to make some extra money. The second half though does not look conducive for  wealth acquisition and money making opportunities. You need to be very careful with your expenses after the 17th, especially if it’s about real estate or stocks. Avoid anything risky at least for a while.

This is a socially active month for all Aquarians. The frequency of your conjugal visits to your friends, relatives, or even social gatherings will increase quite significantly after the 23rd. Majority of the planetary entities entering the house of friendship will make you supportive of your friends’ ambitions. As far as relationships are concerned, married couples need to work on their compatibility to save themselves from consistently occurring disputes and conflicts.

Healthwise, this looks like a decent month except for the last week where you can experience difficulties like indigestion, cold, and mild headaches. So look after yourself.

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