Free Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Venus transits to your 11th house of friendships on the 1st and until December 25th, she will remain here. Through a mutual friend, you have a good chance of meeting someone special if you are a single Aquarius according to Aquarius December Month Horoscope.

The social scene is ready to take you on and you will especially enjoy going out this month. You will focus more on the love within your platonic relationships along with friendships and instead of feeling connected with romance.

Regardless of sexual attraction, you realize that it is important for you to feel this love flowing both ways and you love being around others. This month, chances are you and your partner will do a lot of double dating if you are an Aquarius in a relationship!

As per Aquarius Monthly Horoscope, dear Aquarius, rather than just alone time with the two, you will also emphasize being around others with your partner. The month overall will be exciting, quite friendly and social!

Starting on the 3rd, Mercury retrogrades in your 11th house. You will realize that you need to rely more on your friend groups to support you right now when the planet of communication retrogrades in the house of friendships and groups.

You have been really good to others when they needed you, now it’s their time to be there for you. If you have a strong friend group that will provide you with the love you need, seeks out for help.

If there is an issue that may need more psychological support and is bothering you, it is time to find support now. You might feel good when others empathize with you and can understand you.

Make sure that you take the steps that are necessary to support your emotional health. During this month, you might feel very sensitive. Dear Aquarius, this might be challenging as you are incredibly independent, but it is in your best interest.

Jupiter has been in your 10th house of accomplishments and career since October. Over the next year, you will be recognized for the hard work you have done and you are predicted to have excellent career projections.

It is quite a possibility that you remain in the eyes of the public and be recognized for your work. Jupiter will ensure that you find as many opportunities to achieve your professional goals and is also believed to be the planet of expansion.

Work will be given to you in ample quantity than ever before and will be recognized on high level with your prospective employers. Over the next year to achieve your desires, you will be working quite hard and as quickly as possible, Jupiter will certainly make this happen!

Favorable Numbers: 2, 7, 18, 23, 27

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