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Emotional Outbursts!

You are immersed in a sea of emotions today and there is no way you can come out of it. You are making mountains out of tiny molehills with no specific reason. In your emotional outburst, you might end up hurting someone you deeply love. It is a temporary phase, so, the solution is to cut all connections and go to a faraway place. Do not do something that your heart does not allow. Let this phase pass.

Today's Leo Horoscope

There are certain questions you are looking answers for. Reflect back in time and you might find solutions. Withdraw from any work that you are doing. Take a step back and ponder where you are heading. Is it the right direction? Or needs some steering? The answer will strike you in some time - have patience.

Lucky Color

Misty Blue, Cloudy Pink

Lucky Number

11, 18

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