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Trust The Almighty

Nothing is in your hands right now. You do not have the last word in any situation presently. Unlike others, it is quite fortunate in your case. Why? Because, it does not require you to steer your life in a particular direction. You can just enjoy life as it comes and let the Almighty take care of the rest. It would help you get rid of the bundle of stress on your head as you try new things and live new experiences without worrying much.

Today's Capricorn Horoscope

A romantic relationship that is too good to be true is forming between you and someone in your group. Though it seems like an ideal relationship, it will require great deal of efforts. For it to be a successful long term partnership, one has to love their partner’s flaws as well. Judge the longevity of this relationship only after the initial rush of infatuation fades.

Lucky Color

Pearl, Azure

Lucky Number

29, 37

Lucky Stone


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