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More Than What Meets The Eye!

Are you sure what you are seeing is true? Or there could be more than one side of the same story. Too much is happening too soon in your romantic life and you do not know what and how to handle. Do not jump on any conclusion before you are sure of anything. Think before you make the announcement of your relationship everywhere. Give it time to find out whether this love is for keeps or not.

Today's Cancer Horoscope

Fluctuating moods? Withdraw from work and people alike to relax and replenish your senses. Pamper and nurture yourself by indulging in some exotic treats or going for a long spa session. It will help you get away from any pestering issues and rejuvenate your mind and you will get back to life all refreshed. Spend some time with the older members of the family.

Lucky Color

Lilac, Oyster Grey

Lucky Number

20, 41

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