Free Scorpio Daily Horoscope

While others rely on logic, your companion should be your very instinct. It will never make you go wrong and it is time you trust it. Your intuition will take you towards your fortune; listen to it and you might witness good luck coming your way.  What you want is right there in front of you; give some time and your intuition will eventually take you to the right spot.  To your surprise, everyone might be calling for your attention and it will be beneficial for you to oblige.

Today's Scorpio Horoscope

It is not necessary to sugar-coat every opinion and judgment you make. This time, being a little forthright and saying what you feel like is the need of the hour. Let others know their standing in your life, especially your friends. Say it directly but find a better way so that it does not hurt anyone. Your health needs some attention. Indulge in some physical activity if you want your fitness levels to increase.

Lucky Color

Pale Yellow, Misty Green

Lucky Number

5, 11

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