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Gemstone Details For Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Courage and wisdom are denoted by Yellow Sapphire. As it brings prosperity in an individual’s life, its significance is crucial and has a huge demand. In the market, there are different stones available and they have their own distinction. Yellow Sapphire is regarded as the most treasured stone out of the lot. Though wisdom is signified by every stone and they have their own metaphysical properties.

Into an individual’s life, Yellow Sapphire is known for bringing prosperity. This ornament enhances the creativity of a mind and opens the walls of possibilities. With the help of Yellow Sapphire, the human intellect outshines and make the body more robust. Vivid joys of life are enjoyed by those who possess a Yellow Sapphire.

Let us study the advantages and disadvantages of Yellow Sapphire Gem in detail.

Oval Pukhraj Stone cultured lab created Yellow Sapphire 4.95 Ratti Gemstone

Cultured Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Natural Top Quality 13.15 Carat Gemstone

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) 6.25 ratti Certified Natural Rashi Ratan Gemstone For Astrological Purpose By Akshay Gems

Yellow sapphire 7.25 Ratti Pukhraj Certified Natural Rashi Ratan Gemstone For Astrological Purpose By AKSHAY GEMS

Pukhraj Stone Original Certified Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 10.25 Ratti By S kumar gems jewels

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) 9.25 Ct. Certified Natural Rashi Ratan Gemstone For Astrological Purpose By Akshay Gems

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) Cushion 6.25 Ratti Certified Natural Rashi Ratan Gemstone For Astrological Purpose By Akshay Gems

S Kumar Gems & Jewels 7.25 Ratti Certified Natural Yellow Sapphire Pokhraj/Pukhraj Original Rashi Ratan Gemstone

Clara Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj 4.8cts or 5.25ratti stone 92.5 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring For MEN

Yellow Saphire (Puspharagam), 13x10.5mm Oval, Carats 6.97 Gemstone

Yellow sapphire Gemstone Certified Natural 100% Original Pukhraj Stone 7.25 Ratti By Color Gems

AKSHAY GEMS 9.25 Ratti Yellow Sapphire Top Quality Pukhraj Rashi Ratan Astrology Purpose Gemstone

Dinesh Enterprises 7.25 Ratti Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj GGTL Certified from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Natural Original AAA++ Quality Loose Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire stone original certified 5.25 carats pukhraj yellow sapphire gemstone by astro gemsstone

5.25 Carat Natural Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj) Gemstone 100% Original Certified Natural AAA Quality

S Kumar Gems & Jewels 4.25 Ratti Yellow Sapphire-Pukhraj Stone for Men and Women

Yellow sapphire Gemstone Certified Natural 100% Original Pukhraj Stone 7.25 Ratti By Color Gems

Gemstone Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Natural Certified Precious Loose stone 7.3 Carat


Yellow Sapphire is believed to be a leaf clover of some individuals as it protects, brings prosperity and demonstrate joy in their lives.

  • It brings more wealth if kept inside the home or cash box. Also, plays a vital role in the attainment of a decent and peaceful mind. This way, the brain leads to better decisions making power.
  • It also helps in decreasing the mental pressure and stress. Overall, it creates a positive impact on the human body and health.
  • Also, develops the body, mind and health to a great extent. This results in the increase of dedication.
  • Yellow Sapphire is believed to bring prosperity and stability to a relationship.
  • As Yellow Sapphire is considered to be an ally of legendary Hindu God, Ganesha, hence, who so ever adheres this stone gets prosperity and success.

Although, Yellow Sapphire is considered to be utmost auspicious, for some individuals it can possess negative impacts as well.

  • In case of a strong Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire can bring sadness and deprivation to life. This will cause differences among the partners and also will hamper the social life.
  • There are chances of theft if an individual possesses a broken Yellow Sapphire. If a yellow stone gets faded, it causes you problems.
  • In case, white spots are found on the stone then it can result in a reduction in lifespan of the individual.
  • It is known that the Yellow Sapphire should not change its color. In case, it does, it will cause hardships for the wearer.
How will you know what Ratti (Carat) Gemstone will suit you?

Yellow Sapphire is worn to provide various benefits inherited by planet Jupiter. Jupiter is supposed to be the largest planet in the solar system. This planet yields health benefits brings certainty along with financial stability and also plays a vital role in making the destiny of an individual.

3.25 Ratti(Carat) should be the minimum weight of the Yellow Sapphire stone if an individual wants to wear it. The effect of the stone will be more as per the weight. Before making a decision to wear it or buying it, consult a professional Astrologer and then go for the same.

What are the effects of Yellow Sapphire on different Zodiac signs

Because of the immense benefits, Yellow Sapphire is said to be the most demanded stone in the market. It is available in various shades ranging from light yellow stone to deep yellow-orange.

Yellow Sapphire is considered to have various results for different zodiacs. Let us know how Yellow Sapphire behaves for each zodiac.


Mars is the ruler of Aries and is believed to be the ally of Jupiter. Therefore, a lot of benefits to Aries are provided by this stone. It also increases the goodwill of an individual.


The lord of Jupiter and Taurus; Venus shares a moderate relationship. But, its impact may differ.


If you want to yield benefits then in the major and sub major periods of Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire is recommended to you.


A pleasant bond is shared with Moon(the Lord of Cancer) by Jupiter. Inhabitants of this zodiac must wear Yellow Sapphire with Pearl or Red Coral. This will yield positive results.


The Lord of Leo, Sun; shares a good relationship with Jupiter. Hence, Yellow Sapphire is good for people belonging to this zodiac.


Mercury is considered as the Lord of Virgo and also shares a delightful bond with Jupiter. In case, somebody is facing issues in their academics or stays disturbed due to losses in the property, should definitely wear a Yellow Sapphire.


Jupiter is the Lord of the 3rd and 6th house. Hence, people under this zodiac are not allowed to wear Yellow Sapphire.


It is said that possession of Yellow Sapphire is extremely good for people born under this zodiac as Jupiter is believed to be the Lord of 2nd and 5th house ascendant. It will give amazing results if worn with Red Coral.


Sagittarius should wear this stone. It is advisable.


As Lord of this zodiac is Saturn and it is believed to share a bitter relationship with Jupiter, the people under this zodiac should not wear Yellow Sapphire.


Saturn is also the Lord of this zodiac just like Capricorn. Hence, it is not recommended to wear a Yellow Sapphire for the people born in this zodiac.


For those who are falling under this sign, it will be a pleasant experience for them. As Jupiter is very well known for ruling on the 10th house, therefore, they make an amazing combination.

Let us know about the technical composition of Yellow Sapphire
  • Yellow Sapphire is aluminum oxide.
  • 3.99 to 4 is the gravity range and the refractive index is 1.760-1.768.
  • After Diamond, it is believed to be the hardest mineral and measures up to 9 on Mohs scale. The chemical composition of this mineral is Al2O3.
  • In this mineral, various shades of Yellow are available.
  • Wearing it on a Thursday is considered to be auspicious.
  • The element is ether.
How to wear a Yellow Sapphire

It becomes mandatory to wear a gemstone in the prescribed manner just to avoid its negative results. Let us know the process in detail to wear a Yellow Sapphire.

  • The foremost step is to consult an Astrologer to know about the stone, especially when it is a Yellow Sapphire.
  • When you get a go from the Astrologer, you can buy an authorised and legitimate Yellow Sapphire gemstone.
  • Then, in the next step, you should know in which metal this stone should be worn. As known, Yellow Sapphire should be worn with Silver or Gold.
  • It is said that the effects and density of the results depend upon the ratti (Carat) of the stone. Normally, Yellow Sapphire ranging from 2 carats or more should be worn.
  • The most auspicious time to wear a Yellow Sapphire is on a Thursday morning.
  • Before wearing the ring, dip the ring inside milk or the Holy water before to get rid of all the impurities contained in the ring.
  • Once the ring is cleaned and purified, keep it on a piece of yellow cloth on which a Roli based Jupiter Yantra is drawn.
  • Now, after performing these rituals, wear the ring in the index finger in right hand. It loses it effect in 3 years, hence, make sure to change it every 3 years.
  • Make sure that you clean the ring and dust it everyday.
How you can identify a gemstone

The authenticity of the gemstone is very important before wearing it. So, here is how you can differentiate between a fake and real gemstone.

  • In daylight, carefully examine the gemstone with naked eyes. If the gemstone is certified than microscopic verification is not required.
  • If you want to check the authenticity of the gemstone, then go for the color which should be a perfect combination of the desired hue, saturation and tone. One should have an idea of how a gemstone looks when put under the daylight. Careful attention should be paid towards the shine that the gemstone carries.
  • To know the authenticity, check the surface of the gemstone as a rough surface demonstrate a fake.
  • A large variety of artificial gemstones are available in the market which looks exactly the same as originals but they can also be be identified by the fingernail pattern that they carry.
  • To know the purity of the gemstone, put in under the light and check if the light passes through or not. Transparency plays a vital role when it comes to purity of a gemstone.
  • Also, confirm the strength of the stone and that of its effect by going through the lab certification procedure before purchasing a Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire).