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Gemstone For Taurus

Taurus Lifestone

A life stone is considered to be a stone which is worn to make the Lagna Lord strong and this also recognized as the Gemstone for Taurus. To experience the mystic power of Taurus lifestone, an individual can wear the stone throughout his/her life.

Gemstone for Taurus, can remove obstacles from your life and you can experience the true meaning of happiness, success and prosperity. To bring out the overall well being of an individual’s life, this stone is worn. The cosmic rays of this stone influence the entire individual’s life and this is considered as the Vedic Astrology Gemstone.

  • Recommended Taurus Gemstone - Diamond (Heera)

  • Specification of the Taurus Gemstone - 1 Carat

  • Wearing Instructions - In Gold or Silver in middle finger

  • Mantra to Chant - Om dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

Taurus Lucky Stone (Vrishabha Rashi Stone)

Efforts and destiny make the perfect blend of life. But, you can get your destiny to work out for you by wearing a gemstone which is specific to your rashi (zodiac). A gemstone for Taurus is considered to be lucky when it keeps the luck ticking and brings enormous surprises in an individual’s life. Hence, the lucky stones for Taurus recommended by us would be:

  • Recommended Taurus Lucky Gemstone - Emerald (Panna)

  • Specification of the Taurus Lucky Gemstone - 1.5 Carats

  • Wearing Instructions - In Gold in ring or little finger

  • Mantra to Chant - Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah

Important Things to Remember

There are certain things which should be kept in mind while wearing a Gemstone or even buying. Such as:

  • Always purchase original and certified Gemstones as wearing or buying a fake Gemstone would not yield any result for you.
  • Wear the prescribed weight meaning always wear the exact ‘Ratti’ (Carat) as suggested by the Astrologer.
  • For further assistance, you can get in touch with our Astrologer.