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Gemstone Details For Ruby (Manikya)

In the Eastern countries, Ruby gemstone has been considered as a drop of blood from Mother Earth’s heart. In India, this stone is recognized as Rathnayaka, i.e., Lord of gemstones. Also, demonstrated and recognized as the king and leader of the gemstone family. In India, it is said that those who adopted Ruby are likely to be born as a leader in their next life. The name Ruby is derived from a Latin word, ‘ruber’ which means Red. The color of this stone varies from Darkest Red color to Lightest Pink color. The dark red Ruby is also known as Pigeon’s blood Ruby. Among the Hindu audiences, it is known as Manik or Manikya. It is known that light colored Rubies are for women and dark color Rubies are for men. This is an ideal gemstone for those who are in love or authority as it persuades more emotions than any other gemstone.

According to the Holy Bible and ancient Sanskrit Writings, Ruby is considered as the most exquisite stone. Ruby is supposed to maintain the mental and physical well-being of an individual.

Ruby / Manik 4.25 Carat Lab Certified Top Quality Natural Ruby Gemstone


S KUMAR GEMS & JEWELS 3.25 Carat/Ct Certified Natural Ruby (Manik,manikya,maanik Stone) Original Birthstone

Ruby Gemstone Burma Manik Stone Original Certified 7.25 Ratti By Vaibhav Gems

9.25 Ratti Certified Ruby Manik Gemstone

Ruby / Manik 3.25-3.50 Ratti Lab Certified Top Quality Natural Ruby Gemstone

Burma Ruby / Manik Lab Certified Natural Gemstone 6.25-6.50 Ratti

EVERYTHING GEMS Super Quality Burma Ruby Stone 6.25 Ratti 5.75 Carat with Lab Tested Certified untreated Unheated Natural Manik Gemstone manikya for Women and Men

Abhinav Gems, Burma Ruby Stone 9.50 Ratti Lab-Certified untreated Unheated Natural Manik Gemstone manikya Loose Gemstone for Women's & Men's



As it is known that Ruby gemstone draws its power from the Sun, hence, making this gemstone powerful and exquisite among the lot. Many individuals abide this gemstone for vanity while few wear it for astrological purposes. There are some primary benefits of the Ruby gemstone which can be discussed as follows.

  • Ruby gemstone enhances the natural leadership qualities and hence the possessor of this gemstone is bound to get appreciation from the positioning authorities and also administrative services.
  • Ruby helps in overcoming the timidity easily by boosting your confidence along with your opinions towards others.
  • This stone imbuses the feelings of compassion, love and warmth inside the heart.
  • By revitalizing the heart, this gemstone enhances the personality of the wearer and also sought out issues related to the eyesight alongside resolving the blood circulation.
  • Problems might occur in your family relations if your Sun is in the 2nd or the 4th house. Here, Ruby place a vital role in improving the relations at home.
  • It is known that every gemstone has their disadvantages as well. Let us figure out the disadvantages of Ruby(Manik) gemstone.
  • Blood pressure diseases can be caused by this.
  • The rise can be observed in disputes with the higher authorities at the workplace.
  • Frequent temperamental changes or irrational behaviour can be observed.
  • How will you know what Ratti (Carat) Gemstone will suit you?
  • As per the Vedic Astrology, Planet Sun is represented by Ruby. As the size is concerned, one should wear a stone minimum of 1 carat in gold or copper ring.

A Ruby around 5 to 7 carat is advisable to wear.

What are the effects of ruby on different Zodiac signs

Ruby holds a significance value of various zodiacs signs. Let us know each in detail:


They are advised to wear a Ruby gemstone to meet their personal and professional requirements.


They are advised to wear a Ruby gemstone to meet their personal and professional requirements but only after Astrologer's consent.


People born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are not allowed to adhere this gemstone.


To strengthen professional and personal front, Gemini’s are advised to wear this gemstone. Alongside, this gemstone will act as a cure to the health issues related to eyes especially.


To gain immense benefits from the Sun, people born under this zodiac are advised to wear this gemstone as Sun is the Lord of this zodiac.


People born under this zodiac are not advised to wear this gemstone.


Also, for this zodiac, Ruby is not prescribed.


To enhance the professional stature, this gemstone is very beneficial for people born under this zodiac.


In intensifying the luck quotient, Ruby gemstone is highly beneficial and useful.


People born under this zodiac are not advised to wear this gemstone.


Only by the suggestion of an Astrologer, people born under this zodiac can wear this gemstone under specific conditions and circumstances.


An Astrologer would be the best guide for people born under this zodiac. They can wear this gemstone under specific conditions.

Let us know about the technical composition of Ruby

A compound of Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3) is Ruby. It also has vestiges of Chromium which makes it red in color. Corundum is the name of the mineral family to which Ruby belongs. Moreover, on the Mohs scale, it has the hardness of 9 units. Alongside, the specific gravity of Ruby gemstone is 4.03 and also own a dichromatic nature.

How to wear a Ruby gemstone?

This gemstone can be worn in gold or copper on the ring finger. Before wearing, the ring should be immersed in unboiled milk or the holy Ganga water. Then, Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu should be offered red or white flowers along with the incense sticks by chanting the mantra - Om Hram Hrim Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah(108 times). This will purify and energize the ring. After all these rituals are performed, the ring should be worn on a Sunday morning or during Krittika, Uttarashada or Uttara Phalguni nakshatra.

How to identify a real Ruby gemstone?

A real Ruby gemstone glows and shines with a realistic and deep red color while fake Ruby gemstones are dull and drear, i.e., they are not bright. Real Ruby gemstones are hard on the surface, i.e., if you will scratch them and there appears a scratch then it is not a real Ruby, it is a fake.

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