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Gemstone Details For Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is considered to be a benefic stone which can be worn by individuals with a weak Moon. Pearl is believed to be formed by the irritation caused in the body of a mollusk.

Until the Pearl is formed, this sea animal, demulcents the stuck sand, keep the irritation forming ‘n number of multiple layers’ of nacre. This is the reason why Pearls are considered as the gems of nourishment and nurturing as their genesis itself is a result of self-nurturing.

Pearls have an immense number of metaphysical properties of crystals. As a jewellery item, Pearl is considered to be immensely precious. Pearls are available in different varieties such as Black Pearl, Pink Pearl, etc.. Among the jewellery enthusiasts, Black pearl necklaces are considered to be the popular ones.

LMDLACHAMA PRAJAPATIS Natural Certified 5.25 Ratti Pearl Moti Gemstone

kanishkaarts 10.00 Crt. (pearl/Moti)100% Certified Original Moti Gemstone For Man and Woman

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IndiRiwaaz 6.11 Ratti / 5.5 Carat Fresh Water Pearl Loose Gemstone

Pearl Stone Original Stone 6.40 Carat Moti Stone Original Astro Gemsstone

Rashi Ratan Bhagya Fresh Water Pearl (Moti) Cts 6.52 Loose Gemstones

Clara Pearl Moti 6.25 to 6.5 RATTI Certified Energized Loose Gemstone

EVERYTHING GEMS 8.00 Ratti Pearl Gemstone Lab Certified Natural Round Moti Loose Gemstone

Sidharth Gems 14.25 Ratti 13.00 Carat White Pearl Gemstone Certified Moti Stone for Man and Woman with Lab Certificate

9.07 ct. Certified Pearl (Moti) Round Cabochon 10 ratti Best Quality Item Loose Gemstone


Pearl holds an important place as a jewellery item in every culture and society. The name Pearl has been derived from a French word, ‘Perle.’ In Hindi language, it is commonly known as ‘Moti.’ This precious gemstone has always been considered by women to wear it in the form of bracelets, necklaces and rings. The ring of Moti or the Moti ring is considered to be very auspicious and alongside brings numerous advantages such as:

  • It helps in enhancing the stability of mind and also induces optimistic approach by eliminating the negativity caused by planet Moon.
  • It is very useful in creating and generating a good relationship between the husband and wife. It also emerges as a sparkling gemstone when it comes to sparkling career, finance, love, care and trust in a relationship.
  • As the Pearl stones are highly valuable for women, it serves as a quintessence of female energy.
  • Also, helps in increasing the self confidence and prosperity in life.
  • Increases and revitalizes your muscular strength and protects you against evil spirits.
  • It also sharpens the memory power of an individual alongside infusing creativity and love for arts & music.

The disadvantages of Pearl stone can be described as:

  • In case, if an individual's Moon is positioned strongly and still and then also if a Pearl ring is worn and it touches the skin of the wearer, then it proves to be malefic for the individual.
  • If latter’s Moon is positioned strongly, then the Pearl jewellery worn should not touch the skin.
How will you know what Ratti (Carat) Gemstone will suit you?

As per the Vedic Astrology, Planet Moon is represented by Pearl. If the Moon is placed in the benefic house, then an individual must wear a Pearl. As the size is concerned, one should wear a stone between 6 to 8 carats in a silver ring.

What are the effects of pearl on different Zodiac signs
  • As far as the Astrological point of view is concerned, Pearl represents planet Moon. In case, in the birth chart or the Moon appears to be advantageous then only Pearl gemstone should be worn. A Pearl is believed to be extremely useful in keeping the mind calm and cool. When a Pearl stone is worn by the wearer, it is believed that one can expect to have good and cordial relations with the loved ones and also may experience enhancement in self-confidence. It is also useful in controlling and maintaining diseases like blood pressure and bladder.
  • However, it is mandatory to consult an Astrologer before wearing this gemstone. There is always a possibility that the Moon can be in the malefic position which can cause trouble for the wearer. Diseases like dementia coil can be caused by malefic Moon. Hence, it becomes pretty important to know the position of the Moon before adhering this gemstone.
  • Moon carries an important relation to the lives of young children as the starting of a newborn's life depends upon the auspicious and inauspicious positioning of the Moon.
Let us know about the technical composition of Pearl

It is said that the chemical composition of the Pearl constitutes of 82-86% Calcium carbonate, 10-14% conchiolin and also 2-4% water with a chemical formula of CaCO3 & H2O. The refractive index of a Pearl stone varies between 1.530-1.685. Also, the hardness of the gemstone on the Mohs scale appears between 3.5-4 with its specific gravity 2.65-2.85.

How to wear a pearl gemstone

Pearl gemstone can be worn in a Silver ring in the little finger. Also, the ring should be immersed in the Holy waters or unboiled milk before wearing it. Alongside, offer Shiva-Parvati flowers, the fragrance of incense sticks and rice while chanting the Chandra(Moon) mantra 108 times - Om Sram Srim Sraum Sah Chandramase Namah. This will energize the ring’s energy. After performing the rituals properly, it can be worn on a Monday or a full Moon day or during Hasta, Sravana and Rohini Nakshatra.

How you can identify a real gemstone
  • The premium quality Pearl is round and smooth having a distinctive gloss and shine. Apart from this, other shapes of Pearl are in existence as well. Moon is represented as a symbol of beauty and love. Pearl is the oldest of all gemstones and is recognized as the most valuable one. When the Pearl stone is rubbed on the teeths, the real one will feel rough while the fake one will be smooth. Real Pearl will appear to be perfectly globular, round in shape and size while the fake ones have random sizes and shapes. Also, the real Pearls are heavier then the imitated ones.
  • The authenticity of the gemstone is very important before wearing it. So, here is how you can differentiate between a fake and real gemstone.
  • Unlike other gemstones, Pearl is not excavated from the Earth’s surface, but is a living organism produces it. Pearl stone is believed to be formed of an oyster’s inner body making it emanate a crystalline substance called ‘nacre.’
  • This substance is believed to take its formation in the form of layers until a real Pearl is formed. As known, till the 20th century, the only way of procuring Real Pearl was by the help of divers who used to risk their lives at a depth of 100ft to gain the oyster’s Pearl.
  • This activity has always been considered as precious as the one who dives into the sea has slender chances of success as tons of oysters will only give up around 3 to 4 quality Pearl stones.
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