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Gemstone Details For Emerald (Panna)

Emerald is a brilliant and lustrous green colored gemstone. It is considered one of the most precious gem along with Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby. Panna, as it is also known, is a naturally occuring gemstone and hence the finest quality of this stone is extracted from the mines of Columbia, Zambia and Scotland.

It is associated with the prophetic planet Buddh or Mercury. Mercury is the planet of intelligence, learning and knowledge. So, wearing an Emerald stone can considerably enhance one’s intelligence, sharpen their skills and improve overall understanding of complex life situations. People who have a weak mercury in their horoscope chart, should consider wearing an Emerald stone. However, there can be certain negative effects of wearing this gemstone for some people.

Let us first gain an insight on the benefits and the disadvantages of wearing an Emerald gemstone

Emerald Gemstone Original 4.25 Ratti Cultured Certified Loose Precious Panna stone

LMDPRAJAPATIS 8.25 Ratti / 7.55 Carat Astrologer Certified Zambian Emerald/Panna Earth Mind Stone Natural Certified Original AAA++ Quality Loose Gemstone

Om Gyatri Lab Certified Untreated Unheated 11.25 Ratti / 10.11 Carat Colombian Panna Emerald rectangle Premium Quality Gemstone

Barishh MGL Certified Panna Brazilian Mines 9.61 Carat Emerald Gemstone

5.25 Ratti 100% High & AAA Quality Brazilian Emerald (panna) Gemstone

Panna Stone Original Certified 6.5 Ratti Natural Certified Loose Precious Emerald Gemstone

Vaibhav Gems Green Emerald Stone 5.25 Ratti Colombian Certified Loose Precious Panna Gemstone

Panna Stone Original Cartified Untreated Loose Emerald Gemstone 6.25 Ratti By Color Gems

Clara Natural Emerald Panna 5.25 to 5.5 RATTI Certified Energized Loose Gemstone

Shri Vinayak And Sons Original Authentic Certified Natural Emerald (Panna) Gemstone (6.50)

Emerald Stone Original 7 Ratti Natural Certified Loose Precious Panna Gemstone


Vaibhav Gems Green Emerald Stone 5.25 Ratti Colombian Certified Loose Precious Panna Gemstone

Shri Vinayak And Sons Original Authentic Certified Natural Emerald (Panna) Gemstone (6.50)

Emerald Stone Original 7 Ratti Natural Certified Loose Precious Panna Gemstone

  • Emerald gemstone is believed to bestow its bearer with good communication skills and enhanced creativity levels.
  • It is an excellent stress reliever and enables its wearer to fight against any sort of mental troubles and facilitates healthy and normal blood circulation.
  • A Gifted Emerald is known to bring fortune and happiness, especially to Gemini and Virgo
  • As Emerald is the planet of Mercury, it can bring a mercurial rise in your life as far as fame, fortune, success and money is concerned.
  • An Emerald is exceptionally beneficial for pregnant women as it eases labor and reduce labor pains.
  • Emerald is exceptionally beneficial and fruitful for Writers, Financiers, Bankers and Politicians.
  • If Emerald does not suit you, you might feel that your life is going a little haphazard. You will lose focus and patience. You might end up running here and there without achieving any concrete and substantial result.
  • The negative effect of Emerald can go to the extent of one losing his/her mental balance if its energy is unsuitable for them.
  • Heavy financial losses can be a result of the negative energy of Emerald stone.
  • If an Emerald is unsuitable for you, it might reflect in your overall health and quality of life. It might also lead to depression. If someone is suffering from allergies then wearing an emerald can further aggravate the condition.
How will you know what Ratti (Carat) Gemstone is suitable for you?

It is extremely important and necessary to consult an Astrologer before you decide on the gemstone and its weight. The question of what ratti of Emerald will suit you depends upon the stars and their effects in your horoscope chart. However, if one is wearing Emerald or Panna for the first time, they should make sure that it is more than 2 carats. Moreover, the stone should be set either in gold or silver so as to attain best results. The energies of Emerald will start showing their effect within 45 days and the same will last till 3 years.

What are the effects of Emerald on different Zodiac Signs?

Every gemstone has a particular energy for each Zodiac sign. While one gemstone can be fruitful for one Zodiac sign but it can prove unfavorable for another. Similarly, Emerald is not suitable for every Zodiac. So, before you think of wearing an Emerald, do check out this list which astrologically analyses its effect on every Zodiac Sign.


People with this Zodiac sign should not consider wearing an Emerald.


For best results, Taurus should wear an Emerald gemstone either with White Pukhraj or Diamond


Emerald is the birthstone of Gemini, so they must wear it for improving their results.


Wearing an Emerald gemstone is a big No for those whose Zodiac sign is Cancer


Wearing an Emerald might prove beneficial to you


Emerald is the birthstone for Virgos, so wearing one can be favorable for them


Wear your Emerald with Diamonds if you want to achieve the best results


Scorpions are advised to consult an Astrologer to find out what type of emerald should they wear.


You should wear your Emerald with Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire for positive results.


You can wear an Emerald without any problem. It will prove beneficial


Do not wear this gemstone before consulting an Astrologer. You can wear it in combination with Blue Sapphire but only in specific conditions.


Wearing only an Emerald can have a highly negative effect on you. It is advised that you combine it with another gemstone for better results.

It is necessary to know here that you should consult an Astrologer before wearing an Emerald gemstone according to your Zodiac sign.

Know the Technical Composition of Emerald

Emerald or Panna belongs to the category of precious gemstones which occur naturally. It is composed of mineral Beryl and hence is a mineral compound. Emerald is among one of the hardest gemstones present with its hardness varying from 7.5-8 on Mohs Scale. This hardness makes it highly durable and enduring and ideal for jewellery. The color of Emerald varies from dull green to deep green. A natural Emerald will always comprise of inclusions and fractures which are treated and improved to enhance the appearance of the stone.

How and When To Wear An Emerald

From astrological point of view, an Emerald should be worn in a particular way and at a particular time so as to attain best results. It should always be worn in your little finger and in the ring made of gold.

  • Firstly, the Emerald ring should be immersed and washed in Ganga water or unboiled milk before it is adorned.
  • Then, offer yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu and incense sticks while chanting the Mantra for planet Buddh (Mercury) - ‘Om Bram Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah’ 108 times in order to energize the ring.
  • After this, you can wear the Emerald ring either on a Wednesday or during Revati, Jyeshta and Ashlesha Nakshatras.
Identifying a Real Emerald

It gets nearly impossible at times to distinguish between a natural and a fake gemstone. A natural Emerald will always have inclusions and fractures which though never affect its hardness, effectiveness and durability. In order to distinguish a natural emerald from a fake one, you can try one among the following steps

  • A real Emerald, if placed on the eyes will provide a cool and calm effect and a fake one will become warm or normal instantly.
  • Place an Emerald in a pot of water and the real one will radiate bright green light.
  • Pour a drop of Water on an Emerald; if the Emerald is real, the drop will not change its shape and on the fake one it will disperse.
  • Rub your Emerald stone against raw turmeric, if the gem is real then the color of turmeric will change to a slight red after some time.
  • Get its specific gravity and refractive index checked . The real one has a particular specific gravity and refractive index while the fake will always have its refractive index and specific gravity lesser than that.
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