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2025 Roop Chaudas

date  2025
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Roop Chaudas

 Janam Kundali

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What is (ROOP CHATURDASHI)Roop Chaudas?

Roop Chaudas is a festival which is associated with DiwaliRoop Chaudas is celebrated a day prior to Diwali.

It is believed to be a Soundarya Siddhi Diwas which means in this day a girl or a woman can perform Sadhana to gain magnetism and beauty.

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Diwali establishes a hectic schedule as many things take place at a single time. In this busy schedule, women are left with no time to centralize on their beauty. Roop Chaudas is one such dedicate day to focus and condense on the beauty.

Roop Chaturdashi which is popularly also known as Narak Chaturdashi is dedicated to prepare and beautify oneself for the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The Roop Chaudas Puja is performed to enhance the beauty of oneself.

Importance of Roop Chaudas/ Festival of Beauty

The festival of Roop Chaturdashi is celebrated a day prior to Diwali. ‘Roop’ which means ‘beauty’ and ‘Chaturdashi’ means the ‘fourteenth day of the Kartik month’ in the Hindu Lunar Calendar.

Roop Chaudas is also known as Kali Chaturdashi and Narak Chaturdashi in some regions of the country. The Goddess Kali is worshipped by the devotees on this day. Many stories and legends are associated with this day.

It is believed that Goddess Kali killed the most powerful demon Raktabija on this day.

Why Roop Chaudas is Celebrated?

It is also believed that Lord Krishna killed demon Mahishasura and freed the masses from the brutality and cruelty of the mighty demon. Yamraj and Chitragupt are also worshipped on this day on a large scale by the lovers.

On this day, people wake up before dawn and take bath with good traditional products and scented oils. Ubtan is applied by the women which is made up of special gram flour mixed with herbs for cleansing and beautifying themselves.

After the chaturdashi bath, new clothes are worn and special pujas are performed by the devotees.

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Devastation of the evil and arrival of the new shine is marked by the beginning of this day. Diyas (Earthen Lamps) are perched by the devotees on this day. To gain blessings from Lord Yama, special Pujas are performed and devised.

It is said that by doing these pujas, Lord Yama will protect them from the sufferings in hell and will stop their way to hell. Diyas are specially lit on this day and are put on the main doors of the house.

Roop Chaudas is one of the most important days among the five days of festivity in the land of Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm.

Roop Chaudas is celebrated as Kali Chaudas in Rajasthan. On the occasion of Kali Chaturdashi, special and different types of sweets are prepared at home with other eatables and snacks.

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