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2023 Phulera Dooj

date  2023
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Phulera Dooj
Panchang for Phulera Dooj
Choghadiya Muhurat on Phulera Dooj

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Phulera Dooj 2023 Celebrations and Significance

What is Phulera Dooj?

Phulera Dooj is considered as an auspicious and supreme festival which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in almost all the regions of Northern India.

The festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Phulera in the literal sense means ‘Phul’ which denotes flowers. It is believed that Lord Krishna play with flowers and take part in the Holi festival on the auspicious eve of Phulera Dooj. The festival brings happiness and joy in the lives of people.

In some temples of Vrindavan and Mathura, the devotees can even get a chance to witness Lord Krishna’s special darshan where he is about to take part in the Holi festival every year on the appropriate timing of Phulera Dooj. There are various rituals and celebrations performed on this day and also the idols or statues of the deity Lord Krishna are dabbed with colors to denote the upcoming festivities of Holi.

When is Phulera Dooj in 2023?

As per the 2023 Hindu calendar, Phulera Dooj 2023 is celebrated on the second day (Dwitiya tithi) in the Phalgun month during the Shukla Paksha. According to the Gregorian calendar 2023, the day is observed in the month of March or February. Every year, the festival of Phulera Dooj takes place in between two prominent festivals i.e. Vasant Panchami and Holi.

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How Do We Celebrate Phulera Dooj 2023?

  • On this particular day, devotees worship and offer prayers to the deity Lord Krishna. The grand festivities take place in various regions of Northern India. Devotees adorn and decorate the idols or statues of the deity both in homes and in the temples.
  • The most important ritual which is performed is playing Holi with Lord Krishna with colorful flowers.
  • In the Braj region, on this particular day, grand festivities take place in the honor of the deity.
  • The temples are also decorated with flowers and lights and the idol or statue of Lord Krishna is placed in a decorated and colorful mandap.
  • A small piece of colored cloth is knotted on the waist of Lord Krishna’s idol symbolizing that he is getting ready to play Holi.
  • After completing the ritual of ‘Shayan Bhog’, the colored cloth is removed.
  • Sacred food (special bhog) is cooked on the day of Phulera Dooj comprising Pohas and various other special savories. The food is first offered to the deity and then the same gets distributed among all the devotees in the form of prasad.
  • The two primary rituals performed on this day are ‘Samaj Mein Rasiya’ and "Sandhya Aarti".
  • There are various religious events and plays that take place in the temples, in which devotees participate and perform on Krishna Leela and other stories of Lord Krishna’s life.
  • Bhajan-kirtan is performed in the honor of the deity.
  • A slight gulal (color) is spread on the idol of the deity symbolizing the upcoming festivity of Holi.
  • To conclude, the priests sprinkle gulal (colors) on all the people who are gathered in the temple.

What Is The Significance of Phulera Dooj?

As per the celestial and planetary predictions, the festival is regarded as one of the most significant and auspicious days as the entire day is fortunate and not affected by any sort of malefic effects and doshas and thus is considered as "Aboojh Muhurat". phulera dooj is Aboojh Muhurat for marriage.

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It means that the day is highly pious to perform all sort of auspicious acts such as marriage, purchase of assets, etc. It is not needed to consider the Shubh muhurat or consult the pandit for knowing a particular auspicious timing. In the states of North India, mostly the wedding ceremonies take place on the eve of Phulera Dooj. People usually find this day the most prosperous one to start their business.

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