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2023 Jayaparvati Vrat End

date  2023
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Jayaparvati Vrat End
Panchang for Jayaparvati Vrat End
Choghadiya Muhurat on Jayaparvati Vrat End

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The origin of Jaya Parvati Vrat

On the last day when Jayaparvati Vrat ends, every woman who participated in the Pooja, must listen to this story. A very famous legend goes behind the celebrations of Jayaparvati Vrat. This is a story of a couple who bore a child after a long time with the blessings of Mata Parvati.

Read about: Jayaparvati Vrat Begin.

Once there was a childless couple and they prayed to Mata Parvati for a long time for a child, almost twelve years continuously. One day, Mata Parvati appeared to them and asked them to worship a certain Shivalinga that was lying deserted in the forest.

The couple became extremely happy and went off to the forest to search for the Shivalinga. After a long, arduous search they finally found out the Shivling and the husband went off to collect some flowers for the prayers. Now, the husband got bitten by a snake and the wife had to pray again to Mata Parvati. She appeared, resurrected the husband and finally blessed them with a child.

The couple remained devoted to Mata Parvati and that is the reason behind the origin of the Jayaparvati Vrat and this story needs to be repeated after the five-day span of the Jayaparvati Vrat ends.


It is believed that a proper Jayaparvati Vrat samapan can help you receive the blessings of Mata Parvati. She is the creator who has been responsible for the growth of feminine energy in and around our life. If you too look forward to her blessings to fulfil one or more desires of your life, I would definitely suggest you to observe this 5-day Vrat.

In the north western part of the country, Jayaparvati Vrat is observed among the women wherein people pray for longer hours and keep a fast. They offer bhog (prasad/food) and flowers, sing bhajans and hymns for the whole day.

Women strictly give up salt for these five days, and food does not include wheat and salt during the Jayaparvati vrat. As a part of Jayaparvati Vrat samapan, listen to the Jayaparvati vrat story, and then end the Pooja by performing Aarti. After the Jayaparvati vrat procedure ends, you must feed the Brahmin and offer some daan and dakshina (monetary and other small offerings), then take the blessings of the Brahmin and touch their feet for blessings.

If during the Vrat you made an elephant out of sand, then ensure that by day end you immerse the elephant in the waters, either in a river or a reservoir. This is how the Jayaparvati vrat samapan happens bringing immense blessings at the end of five days.

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