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Chandra Darshan

What is Chandra Darshan?

Chandra Darshan is considered as a fortunate event in Hinduism which falls once in every month of the Hindu calendar. Chandra Darshan is performed when the Moon becomes visible for the first time after no moon day or Amavasya. It is observed with much devotion and fervour in almost every part of India.

In Hindu beliefs, the day holds huge religious importance. The devotees worship Lord Chandra on this day and observe a fast and offer special prayers to the deity. It is considered as immensely fortunate and prosperous to sight the moon on this particular day. In the honour of the Moon God, Chandra Darshan is celebrated.

The time just after the sunset is regarded as the most favorable time for moon sight or Chandra Darshan. Check the Choghadiya to predict the best and most auspicious time for Chandra Darshan.

All the rituals are considered to bring in prosperity and happiness as it is believed that when the deity is pleased then the devotee is blessed with success and good fortune.

What are the rituals of Chandra Darshan?

There are various rituals which are performed on the day of Chandra Darshan:

  • On this particular day, Hindu people worship Moon God and seek his blessings.
  • There is also a fast which is observed by the devotees on this particular day for pleasing the Chandra Dev.
  • The devotees refrain from eating food throughout the day. The fast is concluded once the moon is visible and the devotees offer their prayers.
  • It is a belief that the individuals who follow each and every ritual devotedly and religiously worship Moon God on the eve of Chandra Darshan are blessed with huge prosperity as well as endless good fortune.
  • Giving donations is a significant ritual and an integral aspect of Chandra Darshan Festival. People usually donate sugar, rice and clothes to the Brahmins of this day.
  • There are several rituals which are performed on this day such as the women keep a fast for the long lives of their spouses as well as for the eradication of the various obstacles from married life.

What is the significance of Chandra Darshan?

  • In the Hindu belief, the Hindu Lord of Moon or the Chandra Dev is recognized as one of the highly regarded deities.
  • It is also considered an important graha which largely influences the life on planet earth
  • Moon has its association with good intentions, purity as well as wisdom and is also regarded as one of the most favorable planets.
  • There exists a belief in Hindu mythology that when has a moon in his or her Janam Kundali is at a favorable place then it blesses the native with huge prosperity and success.
  • The Moon God or the Chandra Dev are regarded as the nurturer of the plant and the animal life.
  • One most significant aspect of the day is that people worship their forefathers (Pitra puja) on this day. A number of people worship their ancestors and seek their blessings.
  • Chandra Darshan occurs every month and for the attainment of success, good luck and sound health, people offer prayers and keep a fast on this day.
  • The worshipping of Moon God and fasting on this day helps in purifying the mind of the person from all the negative thoughts and evil intentions. The fasting ritual is followed by the chanting of sacred and powerful Chandra Mantras.
  • On the day of Chandra Darshan, devotees meditate on the banks of Ganges for their spiritual growth. People practice full moon meditation for attaining improved results.
  • Observing a fast on the day of Chandra Darshan supports in balancing the elements of Kapha, Pitta and Vata in a human body which helps in curing all the diseases and promoting sound health.
  • Astrological Significance: Among all the Navagrahas, Moon is considered the most powerful and has a deep impact on human lives.