Bhai Dooj

date  2019
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Bhai Dooj
Panchang for Bhai Dooj
Choghadiya Muhurat on Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj, the celebration that is praised only one day after the fantastic Diwali celebration festivity is much similar to the celebration of Raksha Bandhan that reinforces the brother sister bond. Bhai Dooj is one of the real celebrations of India, likewise spelt as Bhaidooj, Bhaiduj or Bhai Duj. The celebration is praised amongst brothers and sisters to reinforce the power of profound devotion they share.

It is one of the propitious and exceptionally famous Indian celebrations that are praised crosswise over India with awesome fervour. For each brother and sister, the day of Bhai Dooj celebration festivity comes as a day of chance to praise their power of profound devotion and care and in addition fortify it by taking after the favourable ceremonies. The most imperative custom of the festival of Bhai Dooj is the aarti and tikka function. On this promising day, sisters put tilak on their brother's forehead and appeal to God for their long life. Upon the arrival of Bhai Dooj sister firstly does the aarti of her brother with the blessed fire and does the tikka on her brow and afterwards, she prays to God for his long and solid life. Consequently, brothers promise their sisters and guarantee them to remain close by in all hardships of life. This is the method for communicating consideration and love to brother by a sister. On this day, sisters get a token of adoration from siblings. It's a Bhai Dooj blessing.