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2024 Ayudha Puja

date  2024
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Ayudha Puja
Panchang for Ayudha Puja
Choghadiya Muhurat on Ayudha Puja

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Ayudha Puja - Significance And Rituals

Ayudha Puja takes place on the ninth day of the auspicious Navratri festival. It is a ritual or festival which is performed to worship the tools which are associated with one’s livelihood.

As per the Hindu mythology, it is believed that by observing the Ayudha Puja, the devotees ritually purify the tools with the divine blessings of the deity. In the regions of South India, the day is celebrated as Saraswati Puja where students offer prayers and worship Goddess Saraswati for immense knowledge. There are several other names for the ritual of Ayudha Puja such as Mahara Navami, Vishwakarma Puja, Vahana Puja, Mahanavmi, Astra Puja, Saraswati Puja and Shastra Puja according to the places and beliefs.

What is the story of Ayudha Puja?

The primary legend associated with the Ayudha Puja is the defeat of demon Mahishasura in the form of a buffalo by Goddess Durga. All the deities lent their weapons, talent, and powers to Maa Durga in order to defeat the demon. The complete war lasted for a period of nine days. And on the eve of Navami, Goddess Durga concluded the fight by killing Mahishasura. And thus, the day is celebrated as Mahanavami and the ritual of Ayudha Puja is performed.

It is believed that all the weapons and tools which were used by Goddess Durga had attained their purpose. And now it was the time to honor them and also return back to the respective deities. Thus, after the war was concluded, all the weapons were worshipped and returned back after their cleaning and decoration by keeping at one place.

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What is the significance of Ayudha Puja?

In the different regions of the country, the day is celebrated by different names. This festival celebrates the spirit of thanksgiving to the various tools, equipment, weapons, vessels, books, implements, utensils, machinery and several other items which are being used in the offices, colleges, schools, organizations, industries, business places, and houses. The day and the ritual hold vital significance as the tools used for one's livelihood are worshipped and prayed so that they work well and in a smooth way and ensure success.

What are the rituals and customs of Ayudha Puja?

Ayudha Puja is basically done to worship the tools

  • The rituals and customs which are followed on the eve of Ayudha Puja is to firstmost clean all the equipment and tools which helps in our living.
  • The tools and types of equipment are cleaned, polished or decorated and are worshipped with kumkum, sandalwood paste, and Chandan.
  • The office account books and the books of the students are also worshipped on this day.

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