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nabapatrika puja vidhi



Nabapatrika Puja Vidhi

  • To initiate with the Navpatrika Puja, the leaves of stems of all the nine plants mentioned are gathered and tied up together. They are then wrapped up with an orange or red colored saree in an artistic way. Then this is kept aside for the puja
  • Navpatrika Puja usually takes place in the early morning just at the time of sunrise.
  • The devotees wake up early morning and are required to take a bath and make all the preparations for the ritual
  • The setup of Navpatrika is then taken to a nearby river body where the holy bath can be offered.
  • Once the holy bath is finished, the devotees bring the Navpatrika at their place and decorate it.
  • For the Abhishek (Mahasnan), the reflected image of Goddess Durga is offered a bath
  • After observing Mahasnan, Goddess Durga is consecrated into the set up of Navpartrika which is also known as Kolabou.
  • Once all the decoration is completed, it is placed at the right side of the deity
  • After the completion of Pran Pratishtha, a proper Ghat is installed in the front of the statue of Goddess Durga
  • Then, it is followed by Shodashopachara Puja.
  • The devotees light a lamp of ghee and offer flowers and incense sticks while reciting the sacred mantras
  • Once reciting of Mantras are finished, Bhog is offered to the deity and with the Aarti, the Puja is concluded.

In the states of West-Bengal, the Nabapatrika Puja vidhi is also popular by the name of Kolabou Puja Vidhi.

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