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Libra Facts


They deliver a fair complexion, well-shaped physique, usually tall, thin shaped in the youth but gain weight as age advances, brown to black hair, brown or blue eyes, nose like a parrot, oval faced and good features. They are very elegant, attractive, have a beautiful smile and can communicate through their eyes. They overpower their age; they always seem younger than their actual age.


They are very much fond of wearing apparels, perfumes, art and music. They have a rich imagination, correct intuition, brilliant intellect, forethought, admirable refinement, very cheerful, loving, flexible and have a pleasant nature. They are fond of the society and have a knack for amusement. Concrete, have good concentration power, likes to meditate, spiritually inclined and are humane.


They are very courteous, best in hospitality, short tempered and are adoring of all kinds of beauty. They always enjoy their companionship, very flexible and are mirthful people. They are warm, kind, full of compassion and generosity, idealistic, artistic, adaptable, constructive and impressionable. They are passionate about everything they do, possesses decent nature and gain popularity quickly. They have a clear position, very affectionate and gentle, practical in making decisions and are full of charm.


They have a good, solid structure. They are prone to infectious diseases related to the Kidneys, loins, private parts, uterus, lumbar vertebrae and pineal glands.


Diseases like Lumbago, Appendixes, and polyuria can be witnessed by them.


They overpower others in terms of logic, discernment, foresight and reasoning. Their associates, fellow workers, and partners seek advice from them. They are very good critics and are blessed with a great deal of money. They have a good fortune, they are extravagant personalities, likes to spend on luxury, apparel, automobile etc. They are good at charity as well as they like to donate to the indigent and poor.


They are excellent lovers, experts in conveying emotions and have an amazing sex life. They are earnest, affectionate and are very charming. They like to groom well and have an astonishing fashion sense.  They can attract anyone easily and are fond of the opposite gender.


They wish to get married in the early ages. They have high preferences when it comes to unions, they seek for romance, intellect, intelligence, hygiene and good looks as the primary qualities in their partner. They are fond of social gatherings and likes to spend weekends at home with their mates.


They are cheerful, passionate, romantic and have a flexible nature. They try to adjust to an extent, likes to provide their family with all the comfort, luxuries and necessities of life. They like to express their emotions and love to their partner. They seek for an equal amount of love, care and understanding in return.


They are tactful, wise and intelligent. They are reasonable enough to keep the peace instead of arguing over small things. They usually take in a very charming appearance, are sexy and passionate and likes to lead a luxurious life. They adore and love their partner completely. They enjoy being social as well; fond of music, dancing, restaurants, pubs and so on. Nobody can impose things on them, they are really peaceful, generous and diplomatic when required. They are emotional, amiable and are quick in forgiving & forgetting.


They are best compatible with the people born in Gemini and Aquarius. They don’t align with Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer.


They inhabit a happy and harmonious domestic life. They like to hold their homes well managed, decorative, well-furnished and charming. They are rather fond of fashionable jewelry.  They are very concerned and protective of their household, children and family. They usually work out to be everlasting friends, are very generous, fond of social gatherings and cannot live without their friends.


They are keen in becoming a government officer and likes to lead a public spirit. They have a very successful domestic and social life as they have secure financial resources. They refrain from hurting others, so they receive a good reputation among their surroundings. They are best suited as lawyers, get engaged with the dealings in liquids and chemicals. They can also start out with music, writing, playback singing, architecture, teaching and sales.


They should have mastery over their emotions. They combine their personal and professional life together, which finally results in failure, this should be avoided by them. They are very affectionate, generous, gain public recognition easily, therefore they should not over do things as things are likely to go out of hands.

They should not behave extravagantly, act decisively, should learn to say ‘NO’ when needed and should not get taken in easily. They should abstain from the habit of forgetting and forgiving.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are best fitted for them. Thursday should be spent carefully and wisely as it might bring unfavorable news while Friday is a day of mixed resolutions. Tuesday is the day to fast.


1, 2, 4 & 7 are lucky numbers while 3, 5, 6 & 9 are not auspicious. Number 8 is good for investment purposes and will bring favorable results.


White, Orange and Red are auspicious color for them while the usage of Green and Yellow should be omitted.


Diamond worked in gold wore in the 3rd finger on Friday morning after performing the rituals is auspicious. When Venus is unfavorable, white coral or white sapphire should be utilized.

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