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Janam Kundali also known as Janampatri, depicts an individual’s life based on the 12 houses. Kundali, Vedic charts, graphical representation of positions of houses and planets are prepared based on the date, time and place of birth of an individual. Create your free janam kundali with the help of accurate kundali making tool.

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Kundali is an ancient Vedic term representing a native’s birth chart. It is an astrological diagram to evaluate and predict your future. Based on your birth date and time, the position and movement of these celestial bodies decide your fate and your life’s path.

Janam Kundli reveals your strengths and weaknesses, helping you achieve the ultimate purpose of your being. Moreover, janam kundali predicts an individual’s past karma or previous birth because of which the individual got this life.

Known as the Natal or Birth chart in Western astrology, kundali denotes astrological positions and planetary angles at the time of an individual’s birth. These positions and angles are further analyzed to unveil secrets of several life aspects. With the help of an accurate janam kundli, you can unlock your past, present, and future.

Additionally, free kundali reading and analysis can help you understand yourself better. It allows you to dive deeper into why you are what you are and what you can be in the future.

Janam kundali prediction can guide you through the various aspects of your life and janam patri is also widely used in India for kundali matching to find the best match for marriage.

Free Online Kundli Software

Creating an accurate janam kundali requires years and years of practice, along with a deep understanding of the realm of Vedic astrology. However, you can make janam kundali with our free software by entering your date, time, and place of birth to determine the placement of signs, planets, the Sun, and the Moon.

We provide you with an accurate, free, and detailed report of more than 30 pages, prepared by our expert astrologers, giving insights into the blessings and challenges the divine has in store for you.

Create Online Janam Kundli

Creating an online janam kundli is a doddle. All you need to do is hover over the “Home” tab on our website and then click “Janam Kundali” to access the free online kundali maker.

Once the online janam kundli making software appears on your screen, simply input your details, like your name, date of birth, birth time (if you know it), and birthplace, and click the “Show Kundali” button. You now get a free janam kundali analysis, along with a detailed chart showing how the planets are placed in houses according to your present situation, revealing the deeper meaning of your life.

Janam Kundali By Date of Birth and Time in Hindi

Kundali (also known as Janampatri in Hindi, Thikuji Kusthi in Bengali, Janmapatrika in Marathi, Jatakam in Tamil and Telugu, Vedic Horoscope and Birth Chart in English) is created based on your date, time, and place of birth. Since the birth details of each individual are unique, no two kundalis can be alike. Hence, you should fill in your birth information correctly to ensure accuracy and get a clear snapshot of your destiny, personality, career, success, obstacles, and opportunities in your life’s journey.

Benefits of the Janam Kundali

Kundali making is an ancient practice involving the science of astrology. It helps predict your future so that you can prepare well in advance for upcoming occurrences in your life.

A janam kundli is a karmic map drawn after a careful study of constellations and the movement of planets and various other extraterrestrial bodies.

Moreover, not only a free kundali reading helps you make better life decisions, but it also paints a clearer picture of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual frame of mind.

Furthermore, you may be astonished to find an online free kundali analysis not only helps you uncover the depths of your character but also helps you understand others. You can use the janam kundli making to discover the hidden truths about your spouse (current/prospective), children, business partners, etc.

You can check online kundali of people in your life to mold your behavior according to their traits to avoid any problems or incompatibility. Talking about compatibility, matchmaking is another field where a birth kundali holds great significance.

A janam kundali indicates the level of compatibility between you and your prospective partner. It goes a long way in helping you find the ideal life partner. For details on matchmaking using kundalis, you can always contact the highly skillful astrology experts on our portal.

Additionally, kundali making plays a crucial role in ensuring you remain in the pink of health. The second, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses in your kundali reveal any health issues you may experience. If any of these houses are affected by malefic planets, health troubles or related problems may be on your way. Hence, you should get a free kundali analysis for the expiation of any health-related doshas in your kundali.

As far as the professional front is concerned, online janam kundli analysis helps you identify your innate instincts and talents so that you can choose the right career. To make predictions about your career, the astrology expert mainly analyzes the tenth house and the position of the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon in your birth chart.

For those wondering how my kundali and future are related in relation to finance, kundali serves as instrumental in unlocking financial prosperity. Your monetary prospects will be bright if the second, ninth, tenth, and eleventh house of kundali has a good planet combination. Even if the planet mixes in your janam kundali are not on the favorable side, remedial actions can help reduce their adverse effects for a prosperous life.

Spiritually, expert astrologers analyze the first, fifth, fourth, eighth, twelfth, and ninth houses, along with the position of Ketu (the south lunar node), Jupiter, Rahu (the north lunar node), Saturn, and Venus in your janam kundli so that you can follow the right spiritual path.

That is not all, and janam kundlis have a lot of other benefits for various aspects of your life. You can get a free kundali reading and analysis to unveil them.

Try Our Janam Kundli Software Now

You should waste no time and try our easy and precise software to create janam kundali by date of birth and time. It will help you unlock your true potential, understand your character, make the most of your strengths, and manage your weaknesses to make a successful life.

On that note, online janam kundli predictions have several advantages, you may be surprised to know.

Houses in Kundali and their effects

The Kundli Chart is separated into 12 houses, which are home to the different signs and planets. On the chart, the first house starts with the Ascendant and the rest are numbered in an anticlockwise direction. These houses define the position and astrological aspects of a person. Every house in the Kundali represents a different prospect of life, such as career, relationships, money, etc.

House Ruling Sign Life Prospect
1st House in Kundli Aries Personality, Appearance, temperament, ego, new beginnings and your outlook towards life
2nd House in Kundli Taurus Finance, inheritance, eating habits
3rd House in Kundli Gemini Communication like thinking and talking, Younger siblings, courage
4th House in Kundli Cancer Home environment, your parents especially your mother, the impact of your mother in your early days of childhood, luxuries, materialistic things
5th House in Kundli Leo It governs your self-expression. Education, children, karma of past life.
6th House in Kundli Virgo It depicts fitness, diet, health issues, hygiene, helpfulness and your service to others including animals, debt, enemy.
7th House in Kundli Libra it even governs business partnerships, business deals, contracts, marriage, life partner.
8th House in Kundli Scorpio Deals with death and reincarnation
9th House in Kundli Sagittarius It dominates the higher mind, the development of your mind and expansion of your horizons and luck.
10th House in Kundli Capricorn This house represents your father and the way he has influenced you throughout your childhood, profession.
11th House in Kundli Aquarius This house describes the roles that you undertake throughout your lifetime be it as a husband, partner, wife, friend or a businessman, also depicts your relationship with elder siblings.
12th House in Kundli Pisces Matters related to the psyche, prisons, hospitals are all a representation of confinement towards the unknown, distant travelling and losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us now answer a few questions you may have about free online janam kundali making, reading, and analysis.

A lot of free online kundali-making software uses the NASA algorithm to calculate planetary positions. However, you can also calculate Shodashvarga, Namvamsa, and Ashtakvarga with our software. This software is among the most reliable software for making kundali.
Namvamsa chart is the sub-division of zodiac signs, i.e., Rashi in nine parts in a particular order. Sometimes, this division or varga is considered equivalent to Rashi.
Lagna is the rising ascendant at the Eastern horizon at the birth time of a person. The Lagna chart represents the position of various planets in different houses and zodiac signs when a person is born. It keeps changing frequently. However, it gives the most accurate information every two hours.
In today’s digital world, an online kundali offers multiple benefits such as the availability of all the necessary information in more than one language. Moreover, it turns out to be an extremely reliable and useful guide for your life if created using accurate and trustworthy software, like mPanchang.
Online kundali making is easy with mPanchang. All you need to do is, put your name and birth details in our software to get the most accurate janam kundali with a free analysis.
Yogas are the favorable or adverse impact of planets in an individual’s birth chart or horoscope. The unfavorable effect of planets is called Dosha, affecting your life negatively. However, remedies from expert astrologers can help you deal with the negative effects of planets.
All twelve houses in a kundali are equally important. Each of these houses impacts a crucial life aspect. Hence, the importance of these houses is decided based on what you wish to know from the horoscope or kundali. For example, if you have a health-related concern, you should check the sixth house in your janam kundali.
The D10 chart is created after separating a sign into 10 equal parts. This chart is prepared according to the zodiac sign’s tenth division. Moreover, it helps in a detailed analysis of your professional life.
According to Vedic astrology, the Mahadasha period is determined by each planet’s three Nakshatras. Thus, there are 27 Nakshatras for a total of 9 planets. The position of the moon in certain Nakshatras determines a planet’s Mahadasha. Moreover, the Lord of Nakshatra also determines a particular planet’s Mahadasha.
Dasha indicates planetary periods. These planetary periods show when the positive or negative effects are produced as per their placement by Rasi/sign, house/Bhava, aspects/Drishti, or combinations (Raja Yogas or Yogas).
Mangal or Manglik Dosha occurs when Mangal, i.e., the planet Mars has a malefic impact. According to astrology experts, you have Mangal Dosha if Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house from Ascendant or Lagna. Moreover, people with this issue should consider someone having the same Dosha as their partner or consult our astrologers to know how to mitigate its effects for a successful married life.
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