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Lord Krishna Names Meaning and Mantra

Name of Lord Krishna with meaning & mantra

Updated Date : Monday, 10 Aug, 2020 09:28 AM

Lord Krishna is the central character of Bhagavad Gita. Shri Krishna is considered to be the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Shri Krishna was born in Mathura in 3228 BCE. According to the Puranas, Lord Krishna is the bridge between the Dwapar Yuga and the Kali Yuga.

There are 108 names of Lord Krishna. He is often defined as a young boy playing a flute, a cowherd tending to his cows, a child who loved eating white butter, a diplomat proposing war and peace as and when required.

Other than Sri Krishna, there are various names of Krishna that are mentioned in Hindu scriptures. The different names of Lord Krishna portrays his characteristics and roles in the lives of his devotees. It is believed that by reciting Lord Krishna’ names one may attain salvation and can find peace, happiness and prosperity in life. 

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Significance of 108 names of Lord Krishna

It is believed that 108 brings spiritual completions and also brings about an end to a life cycle. Further, 108 names of Lord Krishna signify the average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth which is believed to be 108 times their respective diameters.

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It is thus believed that Krishna exists in all forms and shapes and covers all forms of existence.Thus, Krishna got his 108 names.

Let us find out more about the 108 different names of Lord Krishna.

Shri Krishna Aarti for janmashtami puja.

What are 108 names of Lord Krishna?

Collectively, the 108 names of Lord Sri Krishna are known as “Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Krishna. Each 108 names of Lord Krishna has a meaning that depicts the various characteristics of Sri Krishna. 

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Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Krishna: 108 Lord Krishna Names and its Krishna Mantras

Mantras are Sanskrit incantations that can open secret doors between God and you. Here is “Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Krishna” that one must recite on Krishna Janmashtami to get blessings of Lord Sri Krishna. 

Names of Shri Krishna

Meanings of the names of Shri Krishna

Krishna mantra associated with those names


The dark coloured Lord

Om Krishnaya Namaha I


The mate of Goddess Lakshmi

Om Kamalanathaya Namah।


Vasudev’s son

Om Vasudevaya Namah।


The everlasting Lord

Om Sanatanaya Namah।


The dearest son of Vasudev

Om Vasudevatmajaya Namah।


One who is pure beyond words

Om Punyaya Namah।


One who took up the human form to pass his time

Om Lilamanusha Vigrahaya Namah।

Shrivatsa kausthubadharya

The one who wears a divine Vastra and is the bearer of the Kaustav gem

Om Srivatsa Kaustubh Dharaya Namah।

Yashoda vatsala

The dear son fo Mata Yashoda

Om Yashodavatsalaya Namah।


The Nature’s Lord and protector

Om Hariye Namah।


The four armed God carrying a disc in one hand, a club on the other. His third arm has a conch.

Om Chaturbhujattachakrasigada Namah।

Shakhambuja yudayujaya

One Who Holds The Sudarshana-Cakra, A Sword, Mace, Conch-Shell, Lotus Flower, And Various Weapons

The God who is the bearer of the Sudarshan chakra, the sword, mace, conch shell, lotus flowers and also has many other weapons.

Om Sankhambujayudayujaya Namah।


Mother Devaki’s son

Om Devakinandanaya Namah।


Shri Lakshmi’s abode is where the Lord sleeps

Om Shrishaya Namah।

Nandagopa Priyatmaja

The lovely son of Nand Gopal

Om Nandagopapriyatmajaya Namah।

Yamunavega samhar

The lord who reduced the flow of the Yamuna river.

Om Yamunavegasamharine Namah।

Balabhadra Priyanuja

Balram’s younger brother

Om Balabhadrapriyanujaya Namah।


The slayer of demon Putana

Om Putanajivitaharaya Namah।

Shakatasura bhanjana

Slayer of demon Shakatasura

Om Shakatasurabhanjanaya Namah।

Nandavraja jananandin

The one who brought joy to others

Om Nandavrajajananandine Namah।

Sachidanand vigraha

The Lord who embodies awareness, bliss and exists in this entire Universe.

Om Sachchidanandavigrahaya Namah।

Navanit viliptanga

The Lord who loves butter and whose body is soiled in butter.

Om Navanitaviliptangaya Namah।


The one who loves butter and dances around butter with joy.

Om Navanitanatanaya Namah।

Muchukunda Prasadaka

The God who belonged to the race of Muchukunda

Om Muchukundaprasadakaya Namah।

Shodashastri sahasresha

The God who embraces the love of sixteen thousand women.

Om Shodashastrisahasreshaya Namah।


The one who can bend threefold

Om Tribhangine Namah।


The form that charms all

Om Madhurakritaye Namah।


The God in whom lies the ocean of nectar according to Lord Shuka.

Om Shukavagamritabdindave Namah।


One who can please all in this world.

Om Govindaya Namah।


Lord who governs the Yogis

Om Yoginampataye Namah।

Vatsavaati charaya

The one who cares for cows and calves

Om Vatsavaticharaya Namah।


The Lord who is endless and formless

Om Anantaya Namah।


The God who punished the Ass-Demon Dhenukasura by beating him up.

Om Dhenukasurabhanjanaya Namah।


Killer of Trnavarta, the Whirlwind Demon

Om Trinikrita Trinavartaya Namah।

Yamalarjuna bhanjana

The one who could break two Arjuna trees together

Om Yamalarjunabhanjanaya Namah।


The Lord who could break the huge tala trees.

Om Uttalottalabhetre Namah।


The blackish colour of Shri Krishna resembles the tamal trees

Om Tamalashyamalakritiye Namah।

Gopa Gopishwara

God of gopis and gopas.

Om Gopagopishwaraya Namah।


The one supreme master who is above all.

Om Yogine Namah।


One who shines as bright as thousand Suns

Om Kotisuryasamaprabhaya Namah।


The Lord who knows everything.

Om Ilapataye Namah।

Parasmai jyotish

The Light of the Supreme shines through him

Om Paramjyotishe Namah।


The one who ruled the Yadav clan

Om Yadavendraya Namah।


The clan leader of Yaduvansh

Om Yadudvahaya Namah।


One who wears a garland made by the sylvan.

Om Vanamaline Namah।

Pita vasase

One who loves wearing yellow robes

Om Pitavasane Namah।

Parijatapa Harakaya

The Lord who plucks out Parijat flowers

Om Parijatapaharakaya Namah।

Govardhanchalo Dhartreya

The Lord who lifted govardhan parvat

Om Govarthanchalodhartreya Namah।


The Lord who protects those who protects the cows.

Om Gopalaya Namah।

Sarva palakaya

Protector of all things living

Om Sarvapalakaya Namah।


The Lord who is beyond life and death

Om Ajaya Namah।


The God who is blemish free

Om Niranjanaya Namah।


The Lord who created Maya, th human desires

Om Kamajanakaya Namah।


The Lord with lotus shaped eyes

Om Kanjalochanaya Namah।


The Lord who killed the demon Madhu

Om Madhughne Namah।


The holy God of Mathura 

Om Mathuranathaya Namah।


The protector of Dwarka, the King and hero of Dwarka.

Om Dwarakanayakaya Namah।


The Strong God

Om Baline Namah।

Vrindavananta sancharine

One who lives on the outer realms of Vrindavan

Om Brindavananta Sancharine Namah।

Tulasidama bhushanaya

The Lord who loves wearing the Tulsi garland

Om Tulasidama Bhushanaya Namah।


The Lord who commands the Syamantaka Jewel 

Om Syamantakamarnerhartre Namah।


The twin frames of Nar and Narayan reflect through Krishna.

Om Naranarayanatmakaya Namah।

Kubja Krishnambaradharaya

One who anointed Kubja The Hunchbacked

Om Kubja Krishnambaradharaya Namah।


The creator of Maya

Om Mayine Namah।


The supremest of all Gods

Om Paramapurushaya Namah।


The Lord who fought wrestler Mushtika and Chanura skilfully

Om Mushtikasura Chanura Mallayuddha Visharadaya Namah।


The destroyer of material wealth

Om Sansaravairine Namah।


Kamsa’s enemy

Om Kamsaraye Namah।


Demon Mura’s potent enemy

Om Muraraye Namah।


One who slayed demon Naraka

Om Narakantakaya Namah।

Anadi brahmacharika

The beginner of the absolute

Om Anadi Brahmacharine Namah।


THe Lord who relieved Draupadi from her distressful state.

Om Krishnavyasana Karshakaya Namah।


The God who separated Shishupal’s head

Om Shishupalashirashchhetre Namah।


The God who destroyed the clan of Duryodhan

Om Duryodhanakulantakaya Namah।


The lord who blessed Vidur and Akrur

Om Vidurakrura Varadaya Namah।


The Lord who revealed his Vishwa rupa (revealer of the worldly face)

Om Vishvarupapradarshakaya Namah।


The Lord who speaks truth

Om Satyavache Namah।

Satya sankalpah

The Lord whose resolve is true

Om Satya Sankalpaya Namah।


The Lord who fell in love with Satyabhama

Om Satyabhamarataya Namah।


The Lord who could never be defeated

Om Jayine Namah।

Subhadra purvajah

Subhadra’s brother

Om Subhadra Purvajaya Namah।


Vishnu Avatar

Om Vishnave Namah।

Bhishma mukti Pradayaka

The Lord who offered salvation to Lord Bhisma

Om Bhishmamukti Pradayakaya Namah।


One who can perceive the entire Universe

Om Jagadgurave Namah।


The Universal Lord

Om Jagannathaya Namah।


The Lord who can knows the flute very well

Om Venunada Visharadaya Namah।

Vrishabhasura vidhvamsi

The God who destroyed Lord Vrishbasura

Om Vrishabhasura Vidhvansine Namah।

banasura karantakrit

The vanquisher of Banasura's Arms

Om Banasura Karantakaya Namah।

Yudhishthira pratishthatre

The Lord who established the kingdom of Yudhisthira

Om Yudhishthira Pratishthatre Namah।

Barhi Barhavatamsaka

The one who wears the peacock feather

Om Barhibarhavatamsakaya Namah।


The driver of the chariot of Arjuna

Om Parthasarathaye Namah।


The one who has not manifested yet the world is under his control

Om Avyakta Namah।

Gitamrita Mahodadhi

An ocean full of nectar

Om Gitamrita Mahodadhaye Namah।


The Lord who stands atop the gem on Kaliya serpent’s head

Om Kaliya Phanimanikya Ranjita Shri Padambujaya Namah।


The Lord tied with a rope around his waist

Om Damodaraya Namah।


The Lord who would eat all those offerings that have been a result of some kind of a sacrifice

Om Yajnabhoktre Namah।

Danavendra Vinashaka

The God who destroyed the Asura Lord.

Om Danavendra Vinashakaya Namah।


The Lord Vishnu himself

Om Narayanaya Namah।


The Brahman of the supreme order

Om Parabrahmane Namah।

Pannagashana vahana

The Lord travels on the Eagle, the one who eats snakes.

Om Pannagashana Vahanaya Namah।

Jalakrida samasakta gopivastra pararaka

The Lord who hid the clothes of all his female friends while they were taking bath in Yamuna

Om Jalakrida Samasakta Gopivastrapaharakaya Namah।


The name of the Lord is full of merit

Om Punya Shlokaya Namah।


The holy places are created for him

Om Tirthakrite Namah।


The Vedic sources flow into him and out of him into the world

Source Of Vedas


The treasure of compassion

Om Dayanidhaye Namah।


Elements of the soul flow into him

Om Sarvabhutatmakaya Namah।


The one who gives way to the one Lord

Om Sarvagraha Rupine Namah।


The Lord who is greatest of all the great Gods

Om Paratparaya Namah।

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To conclude, we can say that this whole world is formed on different names of Shri Krishna and these 108 names of Shri Krishna can do miracles in this world. Krishna is the universal abode of peace and happiness and everything around us is dependent on the presence of Krishna and his Maya (illusion). 

Different names of Krishna help in surpassing the illusional world to reach the reality that exists beyond all this illusion present in this world. Thus, devotees recite Lord Krishna’s names, chants, hymns and prayers to attain clarity about the world and transcend the barrier of life and death cycle. Hare krishna! 

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