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Happy Guru Purnima Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Greetings

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes

Date : 02 Jul, 2020

Guru Purnima greetings is a wonderful way to convey your admiration and your regards to those who have taught you the ways of life and this wonderful festival in 2020 falls on 5th July. 

Usually on this day people visit temples to pray for the wellbeing of their family and teachers. People send Guru Poornima quotes through greeting cards, facebook, and Whatsapp happy Guru Purnima messages to their loved ones. Nowadays, Guru Poornima status can also be set for your Whatsapp account on this day.

It is a secular as well as a religious festival. The term guru stands for removal of darkness. It combines two words, “Gu” plus “Ru”. This festival is celebrated in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. So, you can send Guru Purnima wishes to your elders and your teachers on this auspicious day.

To know more about Guru Purnima refer to the topic called Guru Poornima story.

Quotes about Guru Purnima by famous dignitaries.

Guru Purnima Quotes

So, let us explore what all Guru Purnima greetings and quotes on Guru Purnima, can be sent to your near and dear ones.

Guru Purnima quotes for teachers are given below.

Guru Purnima Wishes images

1) Guru and God both appear before me. To whom should I prostrate? I bow before the guru who introduced God to me - Kabir.

2) Worshipping the feet of the guru is the ultimate of all worships- Sri guru Pranam.

3)  A man should first direct himself in the way he should go. Only then should he instruct others- Gautam Buddha.

4) Guru is the creator brahma, grew is the preserver Vishnu, guru is the destroyer Shiva. guru is directly the Supreme spirit – I offer my salutations to this guru. Adi Shankar.

5) Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a guru, no one can crossover. Guru Nanak.

Guru Purnima quotes for those distant people who taught you something in some way are given below

Guru Purnima Messages

6) I bow at his feet constantly, and pray to him, the guru, the true guru, has shown me the way. Guru Nanak

7) He alone teaches who has something to give, for teaching is not talking, teaching is not imparting doctrines, it is communicating. Swami Vivekananda.

8) The enemy is a very good teacher. Dalai Lama.

9) When one finds the true guru, one can conquer half the world. Thanks for taking me as your disciple. Anonymous

10) Group onymous celebrates the human ability to rise beyond physical nature, and the greatness of Adi Yogi who made this possible. Sadh guru

Guru Purnima quotes for spiritual leaders you admire or follow are given below

Guru Purnima images

11) My guru said that when he suffers, it brings him closer to God. I have found this, too. Ramdass

12) Guru is Shiva sans his three eyes, Vishnu sans his four arms, Brahma sans his 4 heads. He is the God Shiva himself in human form. Brahmanda Purana.

Guru Purnima Greetings

Guru Purnima Greetings

Guru Purnima greetings that you can send using Facebook and WhatsApp messenger are given below.

Happy Guru Poornima Messages # 1

Guru Purnima images for Facebook and Whatsapp status

“I have been blessed with your presence

who showed me how to find happiness in my adversities,

who showed me how to be calm in the face of turmoil.

I do not know what I would have done had I not found you

Happy Guru Poornima.”

Guru Purnima Wishes # 2

Happy Guru Poornima Wishes

“I have walked with you

I have laughed with you

I have expressed my sorrows to you

and you have stood there like a tree

shading my existence from the harm of the world

there cannot be a teacher equal to your mother.

happy Guru Poornima.”

Happy Guru Poornima Wishes# 3

Happy Guru Purnima Messages

“You have inspired my life and you have been responsible for taking it forward in the right direction. Happy Guru Purnima.”

Guru Purnima Status # 4

Quotes on Guru Purnima

“I have been hard upon myself thinking that I was wrong

it was you who taught me to see the difference

between the wrong I can do and the wrong done to me

the darkness within me that day became a little lesser.

Happy Guru Poornima.”

Closing lines

Happy Guru Purnima wishes for all

These are some of the sayings that you can put forward as Guru Poornima wishes in cards, messages and posts. Send it across to your loved ones. People you think have made an impact in your life and taught you things that made your life better can be remembered on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

You can also send Guru Purnima wishes to those who left your life’s path now but once were a part.

As we walk the path of life, 

we come across a whole lot of people,

some come to stay and,

some come to teach us.

Some become our greatest teachers over a period of time. To some we cannot go back, but we must remember them on this day for all those teachings that we have learned from them.

Thus, use the above Guru Purnima quotes and thank all those who have taught you to live, on this holy occasion.

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