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Godh Bharai Ceremony, Godh Bharai Muhurat Dates 2021

Godh Bharai Ceremony Muhurat Dates

Updated Date : Tuesday, 19 Jan, 2021 10:57 AM

Godh Bharai literally means “Filling the Lap”. It is a Baby shower ceremony that is commemorated during the pregnancy period. As per Hindu traditions, the Godh Bharai ceremony is held to bless the unborn baby. It is a kind of welcome function performed by the family to celebrate the coming of a new baby. Godh Bharai or Baby Shower ceremony should always be performed on an auspicious date for Baby Shower or Godh Bharai Muhurat.

Godh Bharai is known with different names in different places of India. Baby shower ceremony is called Seemandham in Kerala, Shaad in West Bengal, Valakappu in Tamil Nadu and Srimantham in Telugu communities of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Best months for Godh Bharai Ceremony

As per Hindu traditions, Godh Bharai ceremony should be performed in the 4th or 6th or 8th month of pregnancy of the woman. However, the selection of Godh Bharai Muhurat depends upon the community and the family. In some communities, Godh Bharai dates are selected once the pregnant woman completes the seventh month of pregnancy while in some parts, it is commemorated in the last weeks of the eighth month of pregnancy.

Best Nakshatras for Baby Shower

The auspicious Nakshatras for Godh Bharai Muhurat or Seemantham Muhurat are:

  • Chitra

Auspicious days for Godh Bharai Ceremony

In a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the most preferable and auspicious days for commemorating the Godh Bharai ceremony.

Auspicious Lagna for Baby Shower Ceremony

Meena and Dhanusu are considered auspicious Lagna for Godh Bharai Muhurat. 

Best Tithi For Godh Bharai Muhurat

As per Hindu Panchang, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami and Triyodashi are the most auspicious Tithis for Godh Bharai Muhurat.

Godh Bharai Muhurat 2021| Seemantham Muhurtham 2021| Baby Shower Dates 2021

Looking for the auspicious days for Godh Bharai ceremony? Check out the 2021 Godh Bharai Muhurat or Seemantham muhurtham in 2021. The following list of auspicious dates for baby shower 2021 includes auspicious days, dates and Shubh Nakshatra for Godh Bharai date. For Godh Bharai Muhurat timings, always Ask an Astrologer with good expertise.

Godh Bharai Dates in January 2021

Auspicious Day


15 January, 2021, Friday


Godh Bharai Muhurat in February 2021

There is no auspicious Godh Bharai Muhurat in February 2021. However, one can perform Godh Bahari Ceremony on Basant Panchami due to Abujh Muhurat. 2021 Basant Panchami date is 16 January.

Auspicious Godh Bharai Dates in March 2021

Auspicious Day


30 March, 2021, Tuesday


Baby Shower Dates in April 2021

Auspicious Day


2 April, 2021, Friday


9 April, 2021, Friday

Purva Bhadrapada

25 April, 2021, Sunday


27 April, 2021, Tuesday


29 April, 2021, Thursday


Auspicious Days for Seemantham Ceremony in May 2021

Auspicious Day


6 May, 2021, Thursday


13 May, 2021, Thursday


Auspicious Godh Bharai Muhurat in June 2021

There is no auspicious Godh Bharai Muhurat in June 2021. You may talk to an astrologer for finding Baby Shower Shubh Muhurat for the month. 

Auspicious Days of Godh Bharai Ceremony in July 2021

There is no auspicious Baby Shower Muhurat in July 2021. Seek astrological guidance for finding Godh Bharai Shubh Muhurat for the month. 

Godh Bharai Muhurat in August 2021

There is no auspicious Seemantham Muhurat in August 2021. You may ask an astrologer for finding Godh Bharai Shubh Muhurat for the month. 

Best Days for Godh Bharai Ceremony in September 2021

There is no auspicious Baby Shower Muhurat in September 2021. You may consult an astrologer for finding Godh Bharai Shubh Muhurat for the month. 

Seemantham Ceremony Muhurat October 2021

Auspicious Day


18 October, 2021, Monday

Purva Bhadrapada

29 October, 2021, Friday


Godh Bharai Dates in November 2021

Auspicious Day


4 November, 2021, Thursday


7 November, 2021, Sunday


16 November, 2021, Tuesday


22 November, 2021, Monday


25 November, 2021, Thursday


30 November, 2021, Tuesday 


Baby Shower Muhurat in December 2021

Auspicious Day


4 December, 2021. Saturday


Do note all the aforementioned Godh Bharai Ceremony dates and Nakshatras are based on Hindu Panchang. Baby shower muhurat and Tithis can vary depending upon the geographical location of the native. Thus, it is advisable to Talk to Astrologer and check the Kundali of the native to find the best muhurat for the Godh Bharai Ceremony.

How is Godh Bharai Ceremony is Performed?

First of all, a good Godh Bharai Muhurat is selected by the family members to perform Baby Shower. People consult Vedic Astrologers to find the best date for Godh Bharai. On the basis of Hindu tradition and suggested Godh Bharai date, the ceremony is held.

Generally, Godh Bharai is performed in a women-only gathering. In this event, mother-to-be is adorned with flowers, jewelry, bangles and new clothes. She was anointed with special oils by the elder women of the family. Before the beginning of Godh Bharai festivities, a puja is performed as per instructions of a Priest. Later, the lap of the mother-to-be is filled with fruits, sweets, and gifts.

Everyone showers their blessings on mother-to-be in Baby Shower ceremony. They pray to God for the good health, sage pregnancy and healthy delivery of the baby. A feast is held for the family, relatives and friends then. Dancing, singing, games and fun-filled activities are the main attraction of baby shower day or Godh Bharai day. Sometimes, baby name lists and baby gender predictions are done in the baby shower games.

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