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Marriage And Relationship Astrology

Marriage And Relationship Astrology

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 07:42 AM

Do Marriage and Relationships Depend On Astrology?

We all wish to know if we will bond with someone we care about, if we can trust a friend, or how our partner will measure up in personal and professional life. One of the most sought after and interesting applications of astrology is Human relationships. There are several combinations, placements and arrangements of the important planets such as Saturn, Sun, Venus, Moon, Mars and Jupiter, which provide astrological insights into marriages and relationships.

Marriages, love, and committed partnerships are the most critical phases in life about which people are generally curious. Astrology happens to be one of the most accurate means to understand whether there are chances of marriage being successful or not, whether it will be a love marriage or arrange marriage, and if there’s any probability of divorce or separation.

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According to Hindu Astrology, when the planetary combinations are beneficial, they bring happiness in the life of natives, be it in business, career, family, new ventures, social standing, and other endeavours of human life. When the positioning of the planets is malefic then it can lead to broken relationships, failure, fear of rejection, obstacles and ill health.

Astrology helps in explaining all aspects of relationships and marriage in minutest detail. The natal chart of the natives can predict almost everything about a marital alliance. Now, let us understand the role of different houses and planets in astrology which are the guiding factors in relationship and marriages.

Role of the Houses

7th House

The most important house for predicting the nature and consequence of marriage in astrology is the 7th house. This house tells us how the native will fare in partnerships, serious relationships, and of course, marriage. This house is considered vital and indispensable in marriage astrology, love astrology, and relationship astrology. The 7th house and the placement of its lord are equally significant in predicting the outcome of marriage.

8th House

The 8th House is critical to predicting the outcome of relationships, including marriage. It reveals if a marriage or a partnership is sustainable and stable. It also tells us about the physical compatibility of the two individuals who are to tie the knot. When the 8th house and its Lord team up with the 5th House or its Lord, the native may indulge in a secret relationship outside of marriage and bestows him or her with a sensual nature.

2nd House

The 2nd house represents the family and relatives of the native. There are important relationships in an individual’s life other than marriage. The second house depicts whether the native will share a good bond with his kin or will it be troublesome and riddled with disagreements and disputes. The 2nd house can also tell us if family members of an individual will consent to a proposal of love marriage.

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11th House

The 11th house in the chart is of great importance in matters of relationships and commitments. The 11th house tells us about the friend circle, social alliances, colleagues and affiliates, gains through relationships, and accomplishment of the desires of a native. The benefic placement of stars and blessings of the 11th house are considered vital for a happy marital alliance and partnerships.

Role of the Planets

Planets and their positioning are significant in predicting the marriage yoga in an individual’s horoscope. Following are the two planets which are critical to analyzing the houses and making accurate predictions related to marriage and relationship astrology.


Of all the nine planets, Venus is regarded as the natural and true influencer in relationships and marriage. If Venus is favorably placed at the time the native attains marriageable age, it creates a strong ground for marital alliance even if the planet has no association with 11th, 8th or the 7th house.


The second planet which must be considered while making calculations about marriage astrology and relationship astrology is Rahu. If Rahu’s period is underway when the native is of marriageable age and it is favourably placed, it can create marriage yoga in the course of its Dasha or one of its Antardasha.

In marriage and relationship astrology, these planets and houses are of great importance. But the exact predictions can only be made on the basis of your date and time of birth. To know more about your marriage and relationship, we advise you to Talk To Our Astrologer.

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