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All about January Birthstone - Garnet Stone Meaning, Color, and History

Garnet January Birthstone

Updated Date : Tuesday, 17 Jan, 2023 08:58 AM

Birthstones are gemstones that are linked to a person's birth month. The January birthstone is garnet, but there is a lovely and distinctive gemstone for each month, Some of which you might be more acquainted with. You can discover more about the garnet birthstone's past right here!

January Birthstone

The garnet birthstone, the gem for January, is thought to bestow luck and cognitive clarity upon those who wear it. However, birthstones are now frequently used in fashion accessories, engagement rings, and gifts.

Numerous colors can be found in gemstones. While some are more well-known than others, many can serve as a superb accent stone or diamond substitute for the white diamonds in your engagement ring. January birthstone jewelry can also be a wonderful gift for someone turning 30 in January.

Due to garnet birthstone’s versatility as a gemstone, garnet jewelry makes excellent presents. Although garnet is the January gemstone, those with colder skin tones will look best with deep red garnets, while those with warmer skin tones may choose orange or yellow garnets. There are many lovely January stone colors to pick from because the color of the January gemstone can vary considerably. However, as red is the most popular color, certain rare varieties might be more expensive.

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What Is a Garnet stone?

Garnet is the gem for January so if you had the good fortune to be born in January, garnet is your birthstone. January stone color is normally dark red, occasionally reddish-orange in hue. You might even see some that are emerald green or yellow.

Garnet Birthstone History

Over 5000 years ago, the Bronze Age saw the discovery of garnets, which have since been prized. In fact, the Latin word for garnet, granatus, means "pomegranate," which precisely defines its color. Since the time of ancient Egypt, garnets have been utilized in jewelry pieces like necklaces.

Garnets were first discovered during the Bronze Age, about 5000 years ago, and have since been highly valued. Let’s know a little about garnet birthstone meaning, in actuality, the Latin term for garnet, granatus, literally translates to pomegranate, perfectly describing its hue. Garnet birthstones have been used in jewelry pieces like necklaces since the time of ancient Egypt.

Garnet Birthstone Appearance

Jan birthstone, garnet birthstones, appear in a variety of other colors, which makes them special while being most well-known for their deep red hue. Typically, this January stone is orange, purple, black, green, and blue in color. There is no doubting the beauty of garnet birthstones, from the Demantoid garnet to the purple garnet with its royal plum hue. Even color-changing garnets are available; depending on the light, the stone will disclose a variety of hues. The stone will initially appear grey, but when seen in a different light, it will turn purple! If garnet is your birthstone but you don't like the red color, there probably is a garnet birthstone with a color you will like!

Garnet Rarity

The particular variety of January birthstone you are interested in will determine how rare it is. Some, like the Demantoid or Tsavorite, discussed below, can be significantly rarer and therefore more valuable. The popular deep red garnets, however, are significantly more prevalent.

You're in luck if you're seeking an exotic alternative to the January birthstone! The January stone comes in a wide variety and can be found all over. The history of this birthstone for January is extensive and fascinating.

  • Pyrope Garnets

The January birthstone is typically a lighter shade of red, occasionally with a hint of brown. Pyrope Garnets are stunning Jan birthstones. They frequently have few inclusions and are exceedingly clean.

  • Tsavorite Garnet

Green stones make up my tsavorite garnets. With its magnificent emerald-green hue, this garnet birthstone is guaranteed to make an impression. This is one of the most expensive versions of the January birthstone because of its popularity.

Some of the rarest gemstones are garnets called tsavorite. You'll pay a little more for January birthstone jewelry with this magnificent stone as the January birthstone. If you desire distinctive garnet birthstone jewelry, it can be worth the extra money because it is beautiful and unusual.

  • Demantoid garnet

For instance, the Demantoid garnet, which costs about $1,000 per carat, is one of the rarest and most expensive varieties of garnet birthstones. A traditional garnet will often cost between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars, depending on its quality and size. The Ural Mountains are where these stunning jewels were discovered.

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How To Take Care of Garnet Birthstones

All gemstones require some level of maintenance to keep them flawless, gleaming, and in new condition. Wearing the January birthstone should be done with caution since it is prone to scratches (if you choose to wear it often).

When using your hands, doing sports that require a lot of contact, or when you are more likely to hit or bump your stone against something, you should take off January birthstone jewelry or rings that contain garnets.

Garnet and other gemstone jewelry cleaning are very similar to diamond cleaning. Gently brush the stone and setting with a gentle brush while using warm, soapy water and light soap.

Why Choose January Birthstone Jewelry?

All year long, garnet jewelry is gorgeous. Keep in mind that the value of this adaptable jewel has not changed over time. These exquisite gems are available in a number of hues, including orange, yellow, green, and deep red. The color spectrum of garnets is among the widest of any jewel. They complement diamonds and pearls well. Although they are not as hard as diamonds, use caution when wearing them every day.

Keep in mind that you can still wear a magnificent garnet birthstone even if you weren't born in January. Stunning birthstones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are popular choices among brides. It's lovely to have so many options, and if you were born in April, the diamond, our personal favorite birthstone, is yours—although we would rather they were lab-grown!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the meaning of the January birthstone?

Ans1. Garnet birthstone meaning: in actuality, the Latin term for garnet, granatus, literally translates to "pomegranate," perfectly describing its hue. Garnet birthstones have been used in jewelry pieces like necklaces since the time of ancient Egypt.

Q2. Which is the garnet birthstone month?

Ans2. The Garnet birthstone month is January.

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