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How To Find The Most Auspicious Time To Buy Gold Today

Best muhurat to buy gold today

Updated Date : Friday, 04 Sep, 2020 06:50 AM

Shubh muhurat to buy gold today! A question almost every Indian who believes in astrology asks before buying gold. Festivals, weddings, childbirth, birthdays or anniversaries- Every occasion in India is marked with gifting gold. Hindu Astrology lays immense importance of finding the shubh muhurat before performing any auspicious event.

Shubh vivah muhurat, best muhurat for Puja, muhurat for naming ceremony of a child, best muhurat to buy gold today; every event is planned with astrological guidance, just to make sure that the activity performed renders positive influence on the life of the people involved. 

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Importance Of Finding The Muhurat For Buying Gold Today

Along with being one of the precious metals, gold is also considered as the most auspicious metal in the World. The culture of purchasing gold for celebrations dates back to the era of Kings and Queens in India. 

Apart from being considered the most precious jewellery item, it is often used as a saving or a safe asset. 

A family’s social status is often measured with the possession of this precious metal. Gold jewellery and ornaments are among the few things referred as a family heirloom, being passed on from generations. One of the reasons may be that it is considered as an item bearing religious and cultural significance, rather than financial value. 

Now, that the purchase of gold has increased, because people are purchasing gold, not just for cultural values, but as financial assets. 

Of late, Gold, is considered as the most high-yielding and one of the safest investment options. 

Best muhurat to buy gold today, is one of the most searched questions these days, because everyone believes that any activity, when performed in the shubh muhurat, increases the chances for gaining maximum benefits. To decrease the malefic effects that may follow when an activity is not done in the shubh muhurat, it is important to find the shubh muhurat. 

Finding The Shubh Muhurat For Gold Purchase Today

Shubh Muhurat, often known as Choghadiya, are calculated with the help of daily Panchang. Panchang is an ancient Hindu calendar that describes the Hindu tithis and nakshatras, in order to calculate the shubh and ashubh muhurat. 

The five different components of the Panchang helps in identifying the best muhurat for gold purchase


Vaar is often known as Din, which refers to the day of the week on a specified date. 


The Lunar date of a particular day, is known as Tithi. Tithi is generally based on the position of the Moon (Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha).


Nakshatra defines the constellation. A total of 27 constellations are considered for calculating the shubh muhurat. 


Yoga plays a very important part in determining the best muhurat for purchasing gold today. The 27 yogas are used for finding the most appropriate time for an auspicious event. 


Every Tithi has two Karana

By considering these five aspects, astrologers are able to find the most appropriate gold purchase muhurat today. 

Auspicious Days To Buy Gold 

According to the ancient Hindu astrology, there are a few days that are considered the most auspicious time for purchase of gold. 

  • Dhanteras 

The first day of the 5-days long festival, Diwali is considered to be one of the most auspicious days for purchasing gold. Buying gold on this day is considered to be favorable because it is a way of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. It is believed that purchasing gold on this day wards off the negativity from the house. Generally on Dhanteras, auspicious time for shopping is not calculated because it is believed that the entire day is considered to be shubh muhurat for buying gold

  • Akshay Tritiya 

Akshay Tritiya is another most auspicious day for buying gold. It is known that on this day, Lord Vishnu presented a bowl of food to Pandavas, known as the Akshay Patra. This bowl was blessed with never ending food supply. Hence, purchasing gold on this day, is believed to bless the buyer with good fortune. 

Akshaya Tritiya 2020 Muhurat To Buy Gold: 26 April 2020, Sunday

Shubh Muhurat For Gold Purchase 2019-20 Calendar


13 November 2020, Thursday

Akshay Tritiya 

26 April 2020, Sunday


25 March 2020- 2 April 2020


25 October 2020, Sunday

Gudi Padwa

25 March 2020, Wednesday


25 March 2020, Wednesday


31 August 2020, Monday


15 January 2020, Wednesday


13 April 2020, Monday

Karwa Chauth

4 November 2020, Wednesday

When Not To Buy Gold!

According to the ancient hindu astrology, Rahu Kaal is considered as the most inauspicious time to buy gold, or perform any other auspicious activities. Check today’s Rahu Kaal.

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