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Role and Importance of Sun in Astrology Hourses

Role and Importance of Sun in Astrology Hourses

Date : 26 Mar, 2020

Nothing works without the Sun’s light. The role and importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology is considered to be immense and it helps in alleviation of darkness from life, life wakes up to the light of the Sun. Apart from the astrological importance of the Sun it has immense importance even in our daily lives and living. The Sun is one of the cardinal planets of the Solar System. He is considered the leader of the Solar System. Sun is the symbol of every kind of power and strength in the Solar system. It is an alternative name for the vibrant energy of the world, the dynamic energy that is present in every single individual as the solar plexus of the chakra energy.

Sun is the most dominant Yang energy of the Solar system and is of masculine denomination. Sun is prayed everywhere within the country as the greatest giver of all. Chat Puja in Bihar is one such Pooja, and is conducted with great pomp and glory and the famous Sun temple of Odisha is also one such example. The Sun is actually not a planet but a star of the Solar System. But, according to Astrology, anything that has an impact on the human beings is considered to be a planetary body, so is the Sun.

Let us find out the few dominant characters of the Sun.

Characteristics of Sun

Sun rules over the Leo Zodiac Sign. Let us find out the atypical characteristics of the Sun.

  1. Colour ruled by the Sun: Vermillion Red
  2. Sun rules Sunday
  3. Gemstone ruled by Sun is Ruby-Manik.
  4. Fingers ruled by the Sun are the ring and the middle fingers.
  5. Gold is the metal ruled by the Sun.
  6. Sun rules the Eastern direction
  7. Leo is the Zodiac sign ruled by the Sun.
  8. Sun is exalted in Aries.
  9. Sun is debilitated in Libra.
  10. Sun stays in the Zodiac sign for about a month.
  11. It represents our Ego and what we always want to become.
  12. 12) Rules the heart and the spinal cord.
  13. 13) The Sun never goes retrograde.
  14. 14) The Sun stays in a Zodiac for a month and moves through the zodiacs in a year.

If the Sun misbehaves or is debilitated, the native can be proud, egocentric and we often lack energy.

If the Sun behaves properly or is exalted, we become warm, creative, happy, confident people by nature.

The role and importance of Sun in Vedic astrology is immense. It rules our overall life, our state of mind, our physical state and also rules our stamina, our zeal to keep moving forward. Let us further find out a little more about the Role of Sun.

Role and Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Sun is the astrological star that rules our psyche, our stamina, our energy level, our grit, our determination, our will power, our ability to wield even under darkness. Sun’s control of the Solar plexus is immense and thus the presence of the Sun in a good position in our astrological chart makes us resolute, strong, determined, and full of light. The zeal to go on is obtained from the Sun.

You might be wondering that being a star, what does Sun stand for?

Sun stands for our consciousness, our life’s force, and our adulthood. Sun stands out reasoning the child within; it makes us self-realize what is good and what we want. Sun gains maturity within a human on our 21st birthday.

What happens when the Sun is not good for you, generally there is no way that a human can alter it but what a human can do, is pray to the Higher Powers using words and annotations taught to us by our ancestors.

Surya Beej Mantra is,

Om Hram Hrim Hraum Saha Suryaye Namah:

Sun’s Vedic Mantra is,

Om Aasatyenarjasa vartamano niveshiyannmritanch
 Hirayayen savita rathenadevi yati bhuvna vipashyat.

Now let us see, if you have Sun in different Houses, then what happens?

Houses are twelve in number, each House has a different Lord and each House operates differently with different planets residing in them.

Different Houses

Impact and Nature of Natives

First House

Sun in this House, brings intelligence to the native and provides the native with an inflated ego.

Second House

Natives with the Sun in their second House would pull up a lot of wealth. They would become greatest orators. Their words and their voices would be capable of influencing the masses in entirety.

Third House

When the Sun is in the third House, can bring you skills of writing. You can write very well and can collect information from others also equally well. This can help you become a writer or a media professional. You can do well in travelling, and can also find the right gems for the right people making you the perfect gemologists of all times. Your artistic skills are enhanced when Sun is in your third house.

Fourth House

Sun always has a tendency to impact your House positively, so if Sun is in your fourth House, it can make you a landlord, helping you amass huge wealth from it. You would be capable of enjoying pleasurable moments of life very well.

Fifth House

This House is about your future generations, about your higher learning. Artists, musicians can do very well. You can have a high level of energy, so you will excel in sports as well.

Sixth House

When the Sun is in this House, your enemies are defeated and you can do well in competitive environments. You would always win in legal battles.

Seventh House

Now, if Sun is in this House, it will not be good for your relationships. You might always be in a conflict with one or the other person in your family if Sun is a resident of this House. It brings up their egos and this placement is not at all good for the marital bliss.

Eighth House

The natives would have great vision into the occult or esoteric world. They may have issues with their self esteem as the soul moves through the realms of the underworld.

Ninth House

The natives would be interested in the spiritual and the religious worlds and can become great evangelicals, they can be great spiritual leaders and it would be that these people would be more capable in understanding the dark esotericism in comparison to the bright spirituality of the Universe.

Tenth House

This house is all about work and our karma. Sun would make you a proficient professional and can also bless you with a successful career in politics.

Eleventh House

It can improve your social circle and can help you profit as well as makes you lose equivalently. The natives may become financially stable and wealthy.

Twelfth House

This is not a good position, you may suffer from worries, and you might feel isolated and might be deliberately isolated in a prison. Sun in this House is not a good place.

Importance of Sun and Astrological Significance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

What is more important for you to know is that during your birth where the Sun was when you are born, it is known as the Sun Sign. The Sun Sign determines your personality, your temperament and your attitude towards life. Sometimes

1) Sun in Aries: The astrological significance of those born under the Sun sign of Aries can be very energetic thus opening their chances to be sportspersons. These people love to live life simply. They prefer an uncomplicated company. They are quite bold and strong natured people, extremely hardworking and quite giving and judgmental in their approach of life.

2) Sun in Taurus: The astrological significance of those born under this Sun sign is quite grounded, stable and patient creatures. They are completely dependable and love the comforts of life and living. They love traditions and steadiness is a great symbol of their disguise. They love to have a nice home and often try not being cheap and jealous though it may be their way often.

3) Sun in Gemini: The astrological significance of those born with Sun in Gemini is marked by their mental agility. Intelligence is their forte; their mind is sharp and works faster than the wind. They though appear quite scattered, are always quite nervous in their disposal. They can often grow a little uneasy and can go back to their intuitions almost every day. They work from their gut and if they feel something is not right, then they would stick to it.

4) Sun in Cancer: The astrological significance of those born with Sun in Cancer has great survival instinct that is often very strong. The natives greatly protect the ones they care for, often reminiscent in nature; these Cancerians might be moody and often would be known for their moods worldwide.

5) Sun in Leo: The astrological significance of those born with Sun in Leo love comfort more than anything. Loyal beings, they love to fumble around and are very noble in their approach. Leonines love self importance. Their egos are quite on the higher side. The Leos love to take pride and credit for everything they do. Often jealous Leos can be quite territorial by nature.

6) Sun in Virgo: Quite picky in nature, these cleanliness freaks can be a trouble when around. Hard working, respectable, quite curious, they love to dive deep into everything’s details. Often nervous, these creatures are quite restless sometimes. Virgos can be quite aware of their bodies and look after it often, quite well. They are one of the perfectionists of the Zodiac sign and are basically shy in nature.

7) Sun in Libra: The astrological significance of those Librans often is marked by their dislike for being in the middle of a war. They are quite peace loving and tranquil creatures. They often take the middle ground and believe in the middle path, more than extremes. They are the ones who make the sharp edges blunt. They are not cowards, they are brave yet they believe in moderation and balance. Thus, those Librans who follow this path become perfect balanced souls and are very close to the perfection.

8) Sun in Scorpio: Their willpower is very strong. They watch quietly and have a great skill in strategic behavior. The darker powers attract them more. Confronting others is not a problem and the Scorpions are quite optimistic by nature. They often would be some of the biggest sufferers of life; they can heal, create and transform using their optimism that grows out of their worst times.

9) Sun in Sagittarius: Sagittarius Sun blindly believes people and the world, being naïve is their greatest time pass. They can quickly forget their anger and the reason behind their anger. They hate routines in life and are often direct and simple in their approach, their idealism is hard to miss out.

10) Sun in Capricorn: They are quite realistic and practical creatures. They like to plan everything before facing the situation. Any project would flourish under the Capricorn’s able guidance undoubtedly. Capricorn Sun inmates are quite bright and jolly, they like to have fun and love the lighter aspects of life.

11) Sun in Aquarius: The astrological significance of the Sun in Aqua is specifically when they are in love with their freedom and love to break chains that seem to reduce people’s worth. They are often witty and quite intellectual souls when they are completely grown and mature beings. A mature Aquarian can reform the world like no other, but if they are not mature, they might end up being a nuisance for others and for themselves. The debilitated Sun can make their lives hell and also impact others around them negatively.

12) Sun in Pisces: Astrological significance of a Pisces Sun makes them odd guides quite bad at telling you where the road would end. Yet sometimes their intuition might be raised and they might tell you everything about your life so accurately. They need time, plenty of time and yet they are the world’s biggest perfectionists of all time. Patience runs in their blood and they always try to attach a higher meaning to their life’s purpose.

Thus, Sun’s Astrological significance rises and falls with different Zodiacs as well. Sun makes you who you become, Sun makes you stand. The solar plexus can give you the will to stand and the Sun can make you realize your potential. It can tell you your purpose; your route to your purpose can become quite clear. When the Sun is rising in you, there is nothing that can stop you, so make sure you have understood the path well if you want to move ahead. The role and importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology is immense as often seen within our lives is beyond our imagination, it rules almost everything in our life at one point- our thoughts arise from it, our intellect, our souls’ quest, our body’s stamina, and everything is a gift of the Sun.

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