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Raj Lakshana Yoga: It's Meaning, Effects and Remedies

raj lakshana yoga in astrology

Updated Date : Wednesday, 27 Dec, 2023 09:58 AM

Many yogas and doshas are produced in our kundali by the placement of various planets in specific houses with specific conjunctions and aspects. Raj Lakshana yoga is one of the most important and well-known astrological yogas.

Yogas are combinations of auspicious and unfavorable conjunctions, planet placements generated by planet placement in different houses and signs. These yogas are planets' motions that result in significant changes in native lives, according to their natal chart.

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Raj Lakshan Yoga in Astrology

Raj Lakshana yoga in Astrology is associated with the Kendra houses and the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon. The moon represents the Rashi chart, whereas the ascendant represents the Lagna chart or Birth chart. Raj Lakshana Yoga in Kundali bestows benefits on the native in the areas of appearance and stamina, confidence, mental peace and stability in home life, luxury and items in the home, automobiles, harmonious relationships with mother, amazing married life, ideal life partner, successful life partner, outstanding business success, excellent at dealing with masses, beneficial professional environment and achievement in job, status, and recognition. In astrology, Raj Lakshana yoga is associated with the positioning of planets in the Rashi chart's Kendra houses.

Kendra houses are thought to be the most powerful houses on the earth. Placement in those residences produces more effective results in the native's life. Yoga is very important in astrology since it can completely change a native's life when triggered when yoga is developed. The native is affected by all of the planets' Kendra homes in Mahadasha and Antardasha. Malefic planets positioned in the Kendra result in terrible outcomes, whereas benefic planets in the Kendra provide more desirable outcomes, according to the house and planet meanings.

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Formation of Raj Lakshan Yoga

Every yoga has some specific planets, houses, and signs involved for it to form in the birth chart, and there are certain rules for establishing that yoga and obtaining full advantages from it, therefore Raj Lakshana yoga has some regulations as well:

  • This yoga is produced when these four planets, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Moon, are benefic and situated in Kendra houses.
  • Another prerequisite is that if only one, two, or three of the four planets are beneficial, yoga may not produce the desired results.
  • Yoga may not be developed if two or more planets are practically malefic in certain houses.
  • Once this yoga is formed, evaluate its strength, such as what degrees these planets are in and what nakshatra these planets are in. Are there any malevolent planets? Are they interacting with other planets?
  • Retrogression and planet combustion should also be examined, as they may reduce all of the sound effects of yoga.
  • Any malefic features over the provided house can reduce the effectiveness of the advantages or diminish all positive or bad outcomes, thus all of these factors should be considered.
  • The whole birth chart of a native should be analyzed to determine whether yoga is established to the degree of producing positive results and benefits.
  • Yoga/dosha produces better outcomes when the planets of the houses involved in its formation are in the Mahadasha and Antardasha.

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Significance and effects of Raj Lakshan yoga

  • The Native people have self-assurance.
  • Native people are exceptionally strong in their acts.
  • Their actions are determined.
  • They appear attractive or handsome.
  • They don't suffer from chronic illnesses and are in good health.
  • They hold immovable assets as well as land and properties.
  • They get along well with their mother.
  • Their mother is disease-free and in good health.
  • Their family is content and has an excess of everything.
  • They attract wonderful husbands.
  • Their married life is wonderful.
  • Their partner encourages them.
  • They are given positions of authority.
  • They receive first-rate professional surroundings.
  • They become well-known and respected.

Talk to Astrologers to know if you possess Raj Lakshana Yoga in Kundali or not!

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