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Palmistry - Palm Lines Meaning and Reading

Palmistry Palm Reading

Updated Date : Monday, 19 Jul, 2021 09:36 AM

Palmistry - Palm Lines Reading

Palmistry is an ancient way to predict one’s future by the imprints on the palm. It is an important part of astrology that is popular around the world with the names like Chiromancy and Palm Reading. It is believed that Palmistry originated in India and has its roots in Tibet, Persia, China, Egypt and Greece. The popular greek philosopher, Aristotle also has mentioned Palm reading in his famous work De Historia Animalium (History of Animals). He stated that the “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason.” Moreover, Vedic astrology associates Palmistry with Samudrik Shastra, the study of body features. It considers Palmistry as an innate aspect to study human lives by analysing their hands and palm lines.

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is the ancient Vedic science of interpreting the lines and undulation on the palm of one’s hand to predict the future. It involves the fine study of the palm lines, structure of fingers, size, color, nails, texture and size of the person’s hand. The color, shape and lines are studied in Palmistry to predict the future outcomes. The length of the fingers are used to analyze the past, present and future happenings. Sometimes, spiral imprints of the fingers in Palmistry are used to make various predictions. 

Palmistry in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, lines on the hands reveal a lot about a person’s personality and future. Thus, in Palmistry, lines are interpreted carefully to study a person’s character and various aspects of their life. The Palm Readers observe the signs formed by the Palmistry lines and share the information about the auspicious and inauspicious times. They study heart lines, mind lines, fate lines, marriage lines and life lines in Palmistry reading to predict the future insights. Also, they share ailments and physical disorders by analyzing the lines on the native’s palm. 

It is believed that the position of planets is fixed on various areas of one’s palm. These areas are called mounts and appear to be either raised or flat. As per Vedic Astrologers, if the mount on the palm of a person is flat, then the position of the birth planet will be weak. Such natives may experience hurdles and struggle to get success. Whereas if the mount is emerging, then the planetary positions will be strong. These people will attain success and they will have a smooth sailing life. 

Palmistry: Palm Lines and Their Meanings

In Palmistry, different lines share different insights about a person’s character and life. Here are some of the major Palm lines that are considered important in Hand Jyotish. 

  1. Heart Line: This Palm line is located at the bottom of fingers. This line indicates heart related matters and emotional thoughts. You may find prosperity and hurdles in a person’s love life. If the heart line has cuts and webs then the person may be restless and sensitive.

  2. Life Line: This life line in Palmistry starts near the thumb to the edge of the palm. It represents the personality, power, physical health, and life expectancy of an individual. If your life line is thin, deep and uncut, you will have enthusiasm and auspiciousness in life. 
  1. Health Line: This palm line starts from the wrist towards the bottom of the palm and moves towards the small finger. It indicates health issues and well being. If the line is cut, then you will face health issues while if the health line is straight and clear, it will indicate resistance towards physical ailments.

  2. Fate Line: This palm line moves from the wrist to the middle finger at the bottom of the palm. As per Palmistry experts, this line indicates human career, success and challenges of life. If the fate line emerges from the life line, then you may have delay in luck.

  3. Head Line: This palm line moves from the bottom of the index finger to the edge of the palm. It indicates the wisdom and intellect of a person. If the head line is clear and longer, then the person will be successful, brave and selfish. If the emergence of life line and head line are different then it indicates the shortage of members of the family.

Palmistry: Hands Considered For Palm Reading

As per Vedic astrology, the right and left hands both have great significance in Palmistry. It is believed that the left hand represents the calibre and the right hand signifies the personality of a person. While doing Palmistry reading, the astrologers consider the dominant hand for major predictions. The dominant hand is the hand used by an individual mostly to perform all the necessary functions. An individual can assess the future by understanding the art of Palmistry reading.

Palmistry: Types of Palms

The shapes and sizes of Palm play a very significant role in Palm reading. According to Vedic Astrology, there are four types of palm based on the four elements of astrology. These types of hands are important to determine the foreseen possibilities and characteristics of a person. Here are the types of Palms that are observed during the Palmistry Reading.

  • Air Hands

Air hands are square palms. These hands are bony with spindly fingers and projecting knuckles. People with this type of hands in Palmistry are curious, intellectual and communicative. They are very smart, social and rational. Such natives are keen in forming close and harmonious relationships. They love mental stimulation and become anxious and edgy on not finding it. Their theoretical ability and argumentative nature makes them natural teachers. They have open and exploring minds with a need to have order and structure in their life. 

  • Earth Hands

These are square shaped hands with short fingers. People with these types of hands exhibit deep,thick and clear lines as per Palmistry. Their hands are stiff and thick. There are few thick lines on their palm and are usually slim. The natives born with such hands are said to be practical, rational and down to earth. They are emotionally straightforward and creative. They have an affinity for nature and are not afraid of hard work. These people get too consumed with their immediate realities that they mostly face setbacks in their long term planning. 

  • Fire Hands

These hands are identified as long palms with abundant lines and short fingers. These natives exhibit firm skin, good muscle tone and rounded hands. People born with these fire hands are extroverted, creative, energetic,impulsive and charismatic. They possess great zeal for life and have abilities to lead and organize. These natives love multitasking and are drawn into competitive activities. They are known to be passionate, confident and industrious. On the negative side, these people are restless, bored or impatient. 

  • Water Hands

Water hands are characterized by long palms, long fingers with conic or pointed tips. These hands are damp, soft to the touch with a narrow appearance. The people born with these types of hands are compassionate, imaginative, sensitive and creative. These are tuned with their emotions, intuitions and psychic abilities. They are quite introverted, spiritual and patient by nature. Healthwise, these people are vulnerable and lack energy. They suffer from stress and depression in their life. 

With aforementioned information on Palmistry, you can reveal your future and discover your true self. Moreover, if you are stuck in a career rut or facing relationship problems or need financial growth, Palmistry can help you. At mPanchang, you can Talk to Expert Palm Readers and gain detailed insights with the help of Palmistry. You may also find out marriage compatibility and gain marriage predictions by Palm reading of your hands and Palmistry lines.

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