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Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga: Significance, Effects, Rules in Astrology

neech bhang raj yoga

Updated Date : Sunday, 27 Aug, 2023 16:42 PM

In Vedic astrology, Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga means a unique and fortunate yoga. People who do this yoga have remarkable leadership, creativity, and intelligence abilities. They are capable of overcoming setbacks and difficulties in order to succeed greatly. Read the article and understand everything there is to learn regarding Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga in astrology.

Neech Bhang Yoga in Astrology

The meaning of Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga is the term "Neech" for "debilitated(exhausted)" and "Bhang" for "cancellation," Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga is a term from Sanskrit. A person may be lifted from a condition of weakness to one of ability and wealth, thanks to this tremendous astrological combination. When a weak planet is located in a Kendra house (quadrant) & its arrangement, or the planet that controls the sign where the afflicted planet is, also exists in a Kendra house, a combination known as a Kendra-Kendra conjunction results.

It is crucial to remember that the establishment of this Raj-Yoga does not ensure success or fortune. It only serves as a hint of what may be. In addition, individuals still have to put in a lot of effort and use all of their skills in order to succeed. The total consequences of this combination will also be greatly influenced by the strength and position of other planets in the birth chart.

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Positive Effects of Neech Bhang Yoga

Below are the positive effects or you can also say the benefits of Neech Bhang yoga in your Kundali:

  • The remarkable brilliance and razor-sharp mind of Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga practitioners are well recognized.
  • This yoga grants the capacity for efficient thinking and idea expression as well as outstanding communication abilities.
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire and motivate others are characteristics of those who practice this yoga.
  • In the person's chosen line of employment, this yoga can lead to popularity and recognition.
  • Additionally, it is connected to success and financial stability.
  • Successful people who do this yoga may advance to positions of authority and power in their professions.
  • Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga is also connected to creative abilities, and practitioners may be exceptional in domains like literature, dancing, or music.
  • People who practice this yoga have a good attitude toward life and are able to remain collected and quiet under pressure. 

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Negative Effects of Neech Bhang Yoga

According to Vedic astrology, Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga is typically very helpful and has a number of favorable benefits on a person's life. It could, however, have some negative consequences in rare instances. The following are some possible adverse effects of Neech Bhang Yoga:

  • People who practice this yoga may become self-assured and take unwarranted risks, which might result in setbacks and failures.
  • Additionally, it might foster egotism and arrogance in people. Thus, it could have an impact on how they interact with others.
  • Additionally, practicing this yoga might make people aggressive and conflict-prone. 
  • Additionally, it could cause issues in both their professional and personal life.
  • Natives in the future could not be humble and may not be open to criticism or constructive input.
  • Individuals who do this yoga may become impulsive and make quick judgments that might be harmful.
  • Some people could become comfortable as a result of this yoga and put less effort out to sustain their success.

What causes Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga in the horoscope?

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The planet combinations that may generate this yoga are:

  • Debilitated Planet

The initial and most important prerequisite for this yoga is a declining world. When a planet is weak and helpless in a certain zodiac sign, it is said to be debilitated. For instance, Mars weakens and loses vigor while it is in the Cancer sign. A weak planet may have unfavorable repercussions that are connected to its importance. 

  • Exalted Planet

The existence of an exalted planet in the natal chart is the second need for Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga. A planet that is positioned in a zodiac where it is seen as powerful is called an exalted planet. Jupiter is exalted, for instance, if it is in the sign of Cancer. Its energy is also very advantageous. An extremely fortunate yoga can be produced by an exalted planet, which can prevent the detrimental effects of a debilitated planet. 

  • Mutual Relationship

Mutual dependence on the weak and exalted planets is the third prerequisite for Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga. Two different kinds of mutual relationships may produce this yoga: 

  • Exchange of Zodiac Signs- A potent interchange of energy occurs when the exalted planet and the afflicted planet are in the same zodiac sign, which can counteract the negative effects of the debilitated planet. For instance, a highly advantageous yoga is created when Mars impacts in the Cancer & the Moon depicts in the Capricorn. 
  • Aspects- This yoga can also be produced when the exalted planet makes an angle with the weak planet. For instance, if Mars debilitates in the sign of Cancer and Jupiter exalts in the same sign while respecting Mars, it creates a very lucky yoga. 
  • Benefic Aspect

The 4th need of this yoga is that the afflicted planet has a benefic aspect, which lessens its negative effects and increases its positive ones.

  • Strength 

The 5th need of this yoga is the potency of the exalted planet; a weak exalted planet cannot counteract the negative effects of the debilitated planet & won’t be a potent yoga. 

Placement of House

The final requirement concerns the placement of the exalted planet and the weak planet in a certain house. For instance, if these planets are in the houses of Kendra (first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house) or Trikona (first, fifth, or ninth house), a favorable auspicious yoga is created. A person achieves enormous money and success. 

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Neech Bhang Yoga Remedies 

If you experience any of Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga's bad side effects, you can do certain pujas and rituals to prevent such effects. Here are pujas you can perform to get free from it.

  • Navgraha Puja

All 9 planets, including the planet that is weak and causes Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga, need to be placated at the Navgraha Puja. You can do this by repeating the Navagraha Mantra and giving the gods flowers, fruits, and other offerings for their worship.

  • Rudra Abhishekam

Rudra Abhishekam is performed to please Lord Shiva, the planet's lord. You may do this by repeating the Rudra Mantra and giving Lord Shiva milk, honey, and other offerings for his puja.

  • Hanuman Puja

This Puja is performed to please Lord Hanuman, who vanquishes all impediments and evil. By chanting the Hanuman Chalisa and giving Lord Hanuman sweets, red flowers, and other materials for puja on Tuesdays, you may do it.

  • Shani Puja

Saturn, the planet connected to Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga, is the target of Shani Puja. On Saturdays, carry it out by saying the Shani Mantra and bringing Lord Shani black sesame seeds, black clothing, and other offerings.

  • Gayatri Mantra Japa

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A potent ritual to cleanse the mind & body and decrease the bad effects of Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga is Gayatri Mantra Japa. 108 times, either before noon or at night.

You may now be aware of the Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga meaning and other information related to it. So, get your Kundali examined by expert Astrologers to learn about the Neech Bhang Raj-Yoga in your Horoscope, and take the appropriate action according to it.

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