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Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology

Updated Date : Thursday, 13 May, 2021 10:54 AM

Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology is one of the ancient forms of astrology that originated in India. It is believed that this astrology method can reveal your past, present and future. Due to the mysticism associated with it, Nadi astrology has become very popular among the astrology seekers. But, what is the real truth behind Nadi Astrology? What does Nadi astrology mean? Is Nadi astrology true and if yes, how can you know your Nadi astrology online? In this post, you can find answers to all these questions and find everything you need to know about these mystic Nadi astrology predictions.

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 What is Nadi Astrology?

Nadi Astrology is the form of astrology that is practiced in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that ancient seers have foreseen the past, present and future of all the humans and recorded it on palm leaves. Thus, one can get one’s Nadi astrology predictions for the past, present and future by analyzing the text written on the Palm leaves.

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Types of Nadi

Nadi Shastra had contributions of 18 sages on the basis of which various Nadi Shastras were named. Here are the different types of Nadi Astrology found.

  • Agasathya (Agathiyar) Nadi 
  • Bohar Nadi
  • Valmiki Nadi
  • Nandi Nadi
  • Thriumoolar Nadi
  • Konkanavar Nadi
  • Machamuni Nadi
  • Gorakhnathar Nadi
  • Sattaimuni Nadi 
  • Sundaranandar Naadi 
  • Ramadevar Nadi
  • Kudambai Nadi 
  • Karuvoorar Nadi
  • Idaikadar Nadi 
  • Kamalamuni Naadi
  • Pathanjali Nadi 
  • Dhanvanthiri Nadi 
  • Pampatti Nadi

History: Origin of Nadi Astrology

As per popular belief, the main Nadi Astrology originated in Tamil Nadu. It is said that ancient Hindu sage, “Agastya” has written all the Nadi Shastra predictions. He was gifted with developed consciousness and had vision to see the past, present and future of all the humans on the Earth. He has written Nadi astrology predictions in Vattezhuthu, an ancient poetic Tamil language. Initially, the written Nadi astrology predictions were stored in Thanjavur Saraswathi Mahal Library premises, Tamil Nadu, however over the time some leaves got destroyed during the British rule. Later, the nadi leaves were obtained by the families of astrologers at Vaitheeswaran Temple and then passed on to their lineage.

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How Nadi Astrology Predictions are Made?

In Nadi astrology, the predictions are made by using your thumb impressions (right for men and left for women). Through the impression of one’s thumb, Nadi astrologers predict everything about the native, their parents, siblings and the foreseeable future. It is said that every thumb impression is classified into a particular category and based on them, the Nadi astrology palm leaves are categorized. However, for a single thumb impression there can be various bundles consisting of various leaves. Thus, only an expert Nadi astrologer is required to recognize them.

Once the bundle matching the thumb impression is found, the Nadi reader reads each leaf present in the bundle. A Nadi astrologer claims to have no knowledge about the details of the seeker and only shares what is written on the leaf. However, while reading the leaves, the Nadi readers verify the personal details of the seeker such as date of birth, parents’ name etc. In this process, the seeker is asked to verify the details by saying Yes or No only. If all the details get verified correctly, then the leaf and all the Nadi astrology predictions written on it is said to be of the seeker. If the leaf is not yours or not found, then the Nadi readers seek the main center in Tamil Nadu to search the records. 

Is Nadi astrology True or Fake?

There are a lot of theories about the Nadi astrology predictions accuracy. It is believed that destiny cannot be written on the Palm leaves by the sages who have lived thousands of years ago. Moreover, if the Nadi leaves were old then that would have withered away over time. However, it is also said that Nadi astrology is only true if all the personal details are matched as per the Nadi leaves. Thus, there is a quiet possibility that Naadi Shastra can be true to you. It is always advisable to use your discretion before you consult Nadi astrologer online and seek your past, present or future.

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