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Shiv Mantras : Most Powerful Lord Shiva Mantra

Powerful mantras of Lord Shiva To Solve All Your Problems

Updated Date : Sunday, 13 Sep, 2020 17:25 PM

Lord Shiva is considered as the supreme and most powerful god in the Hindu religion. He is known as “The Destroyer” or the “God of Destruction. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Lord Shiva is one of the Gods within Trimurti or trinity that includes Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. He is called Adiyogi (patron of Yoga) and supreme power that creates, protects, and transforms the Universe. It is believed that by reciting Lord Shiva mantras, one may bestow his blessings and get rid of all the life problems.

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The powerful Shiv mantras can transform the life of an individual. Just by chanting the Lord Shiv mantra, one may defeat fears, diseases, enemies and even death. The Lord Shiva mantras can remove dreadful Kundali Doshas and fill your life with happiness and prosperity. 

Moreover, chanting the powerful mantras of Shiva everyday is highly beneficial. Especially, on Monday, Pradosh Vrats, and Mahashivratri, reciting Shiva mantras can bestow infinite powers or Siddhis.

6 Powerful Shiva Mantras

Following are the powerful Lord Shiva mantras that may remove all your hurdles and end all the troubles in your life. Recite these mantras to appease Lord Shiva and attain good health, happiness, prosperity and salvation. 

1. Panchakshari Shiva Mantra 

‘Om Namah Shivaya’

This 5 letter Shiva mantra translates to “I bow to Lord Shiva”. This is one of the most basic and powerful mantras of Lord Shiva. As per Hindu scriptures, reciting Panchakshari Shiva mantra every day for 108 times can cleanse your body and soul. It may help you to seek the blessing of Lord Shiva in all the forms. .

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2. Rudra Mantra

‘Om Namo Bhagwate Rudraay’

This powerful Shiva mantra helps you to get blessing of Lord Shiva. Reciting this Shiva mantra you may get all your wishes fulfilled. 

3. Shiva Gayatri Mantra

“Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat”

Gayatri mantra is considered as the most powerful mantra in Hindu religion. Thus the power of Lord Shiva Gayatri mantra is infinite. Reciting this mantra to appease Lord Shiva and receive peace of mind. 

4. Shiv Dhyaan Mantra

“Karcharankritam Vaa Kaayjam Karmjam Vaa Shravannayanjam Vaa Maansam Vaa Paradham I 

Vihitam Vihitam Vaa Sarv Metat Kshamasva Jay Jay Karunaabdhe Shree Mahadev Shambho II”

This Lord Shiva mantra seeks forgiveness from Lord Shiva for all your sins. This powerful mantra can save you from the adverse outcomes of your sins. 

5. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

“Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam I 
Urvarukamiva Bandhanath Mrityormukshiya Mamritat II”

This powerful mantra is recited to escape from the fear of death. Chanting this powerful Shiva mantra during severe illness and life and death situations can save the devotee from the negative outcome. 

Do you have Kaal Sarp Dosh in your Kundali? Chant these Powerful Shiva mantras to alleviate the fierce effects and negativity. 

6. Ekadasha Rudra Mantra

Ekadasha in Sanskrit means eleven. This Lord Shiva mantra is a set of eleven different mantras that are used to worship Lord Shiva in his different forms. Each Ekadasha Rudra Mantra corresponds to a month of the Hindu Calendar. It is said that reciting these powerful Shiva mantras in that specific month bestows infinite blessings of Lord Shiva. Moreover, one may recite all the eleven mantras for eleven forms of Rudra or Shiva on Shivratri or during MahaRudra Yagya Anushtan to get their desires fulfilled. 

1. Kapali

"Om HumHum Satrustambhanaya Hum Hum Om Phat"

2. Pingala

"Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Sarva Mangalaya Pingalaya Om Namah"

3. Bhima

"Om Aim Aim Mano Vanchita Siddhaya Aim Aim Om"

4. Virupaksha

"Om Rudraya Roganashaya Agacha Cha Ram Om Namah"

5. Vilohita

"Om Shrim Hrim Sam Sam Hrim Shrim Shankarshanaya Om"

6. Shastha

"Om Hrim Hrim Safalyayai Siddhaye Om Namah"

7. Ajapada

"Om Shrim Bam Sough Balavardhanaya Baleshwaraya Rudraya Phut Om"

8. Ahirbhudanya

"Om Hram Hrim Hum Samastha Graha Dosha Vinashaya Om"

9. Sambhu

"Om Gam Hluam Shroum Glaum Gam Om Namah"

10. Chanda

"Om Chum Chandishwaraya Tejasyaya Chum Om Phut"

11. Bhava

"Om Bhavod Bhava Sambhavaya Ishta Darshana Om Sam Om Namaha"

According to Puranas, if one recites the aforementioned powerful Shiva Mantras with a whole heart , they may attain all the pleasures within no time. 

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