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How To Read Navamsa Chart | D9 Navamsa Reading

how to read navamsa chart

Updated Date : Wednesday, 08 May, 2024 13:02 PM

Are you curious about the science of the D9 chart, and understanding the powerful and insightful secrets it can have for you? Well, the D9 chart also known as the Navamsa chart is a powerful astrological tool in Vedic Astrology that can provide a deep understanding of your life path, career, and relationships. In this comprehensive blog article, we will understand how to read the Navamsa chart, how to analyse the Navamsa chart, and get the maximum benefits for fulfilling your dreams and desires. Let us dive in!

The word “Navamsa’ has two parts in Sanskrit, “Nava” means nine, and ‘Amsa” means sub-division or fractions. Navamsa signifies nine divisions which means that each zodiac sign is further divided into nine sub-parts. The total zodiac signs consist of 360 degrees, each sign is arranged at 30 degrees. With that, 30 degrees is further divided into nine equal parts. 

Now these parts can be interpreted in the D9 chart in astrology; according to the placement of your houses and planetary conditions. You can see it as a seed that can be grown into a healthy tree, it has all the potential qualities for which the Navamsa chart will act as a fertile ground where the seed can flourish.

You should be reading the Navamsa chart for marriage life and relationship topics, however, reading the D9 chart for marriage is not sufficient but it is as important as the birth chart and can help you figure out a sense of purpose in life as well if you apply it well in life.

How to read the Navamsa Chart, its significance, and calculation:

The birth chart shows a basic understanding of your personality, potential, and upcoming and ongoing life experiences. And not just that the chart can help reveal so many other underlying things about your life like:

  • Impact of planets on you: If the planets are placed correctly in the Navamsa chart then their energies can influence your life.
  • Married Life: Reading the Navamsa chart for marriage has a special significance of the 7th house’s placement for men and women respectively.
  • Karmic Tendencies: This chart also deals with past life karmic patterns and can significantly help you resolve them to lead a more fulfilling life.

Navamsa Chart Calculation

Each sign is divided into nine parts of 3°20` each; each of these parts is called Navamsa. The whole zodiac has about 108 parts for all 12 signs.

 Navamsa = 30°/9 = 3°20’






























There are 2 methods for calculation and analysis of the D9 chart and both of them are based on the planetary positions.

  • Procedure 1: If the planet/zodiac sign is movable that is Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn in the chart, then the counting to position the planet in the analysis of the D9 chart begins with the same sign.

If the planet falls under a fixed sign like Tauras, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius in the chart, then the counting for the movement begins from the 9th sign of the current sign.

If the planet falls under the dual sign lie Sagitarrius, Virgo & Gemini, then the counting for the movement should begin from the 5th sign of the current sign.

  • Procedure 2: This particular method is fundamentally based on the elemental nature of the zodiac signs.

Fiery signs- Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: Then count from Aries.

Earthy signs- Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Then count from Capricorn.

Airy signs- Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: Then count from Libra.

Watery signs - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Then count from Cancer.

What factors to consider in reading the Navamsa Chart?

To get a full-on understanding of the Navamsa Chart, it is essential to consider several factors:

  1. Planet Influence: The effectiveness of a planet on your life is determined by its placement in a specific house which is also called dignity. Planets in their exalted signs carry more influence than those in enemy signs.
  2. House Placements: Different houses in the Navamsa chart signify various aspects of life such as marriage, career, health, and relationships. Analysing the navamsa chart with these house placement insights can help you navigate karmic challenges as well as help you realize different opportunities and lessons that life has to offer.
  3. Aspect Analysis: In Vedic astrology, planetary aspects that is the angular relationship between the planets play an important role in decoding the chart properly. Moreover, if planets are harmoniously synced, then they can have positive effects on life. This can also help in determining the areas for growth in our lives.
  4. Dasha Periods: The interpretation of the D9 Chart is also used to calculate the timing of various life events which is also called Dasha or time periods.

A bit more information about how to read the Navamsa Chart:

Well, there are many processes to analyse the Navamsa chart in Vedic astrology to explore different dimensions of life. Apart from reading the Navamsa chart for marriage and wedding fortunes, interpreting the D9 chart can help you figure out the nature of your personality and traits.

Here we should understand that transits play a vital role in Navamsa charts in astrology especially, the planets like Venus, Mars, and Saturn. When these transits connect to the 7th or 9th house in Navamsa, it indicates a wedding.

If planet Venus is in the 7th house of marriage and is referred to as Karako Bhavo nasty. That denotes that Venus will cause damage and has the power to spoil the relationship or wedding.

Here are some common terms that are used in reading the Navamsa chart depending on the types of planets and houses occupied.

 They are: Vargothama, Yogamsa, Astamamsa, Vikatamsa, Papamsa and Shubhamsa, Karakamsa, Pushkaramsa.

Vargothama: Denotes a planet consisting of a similar sign in both the birth chart and Navamsa chart: This state is considered to have one of the strongest influences in a person’s life.

Yogamsa: It is the planet/zodiac placed in the 9th house.

Astamamsa: It denotes the planet occupying the 8th house in Navamsa from the Birth Chart position. For example: If the Sun is placed in the Aries in the birth chart and takes over the sign Scorpio in Navamsa then this position is known as Astamamsa.

Vikatamsa: It is the position where the planet possesses its exalted sign in the birth chart and gets debilitated in Navamsa.

Papamsa: It is the position where the planets occupy natural malefic houses in Navamsa.

Shubhamsa: It signifies the position when planets occupy natural benefic houses in Navamsa.

Karakamsa: A planet that has the highest degree in the kundali is also known as Atmakaraka and the position is called Karakamsa.

Pushkaramsa: This special state of the planet is where it gains enormous strength to bestow auspicious results on the natives in Navamsa. It can create favorable periods.

This special AMSA or state in which the planet gains enormous strength to bestow auspicious results on the person.

Along with this, some houses are of great importance in the analysis of Navamsa and they are: 64th, 88th, 108th, and 55th.

Wrapping it all!

 In conclusion, reading the Navamsa chart as a blueprint of your life not only reveals insights about Karmic destiny but also paves the path for self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual journey! By analysing the Navamsa chart’s key components you can utilize its wisdom to make life better and navigate personal challenges wisely. With that, for more Astro-related insightful tips and knowledge tune into Anytime Astro!

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