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Health Astrology By Date Of Birth

health astrology by date of birth

Updated Date : Wednesday, 14 Feb, 2024 07:31 AM

There is a popular saying that goes, 'The greatest wealth is health', and it is 100% true. No matter how much money one has or how many luxuries one possesses, it all becomes meaningless if they do not have good health. Good health is necessary for success in life. It enables individuals to have clear goals, sharp mental abilities, and most importantly, a healthy brain.

Health astrology, also known as medical astrology, is a branch of astrology, an ancient practice that explores the connections between astrological signs and the well-being of individuals based on their birth dates. In this blog, we will explore health astrology by date of birth and how it may provide a unique perspective on personal health journeys.

Health Astrology by date of birth

Health astrology by date of birth involves analyzing every house and planet in your birth chart that may have an impact on your health. Furthermore, health astrology by date of birth involves interpreting houses, which may reveal health problems. From the date of birth, health predictions for particular diseases can be made. In addition to these precise solutions, astrology allows us to pinpoint certain planets and illnesses by looking at different astrological combinations that result in health problems. Health astrology by date of birth will attempt to provide an easily understood summary of each of these aspects along with an individual explanation for each of the major points in health pages according to the date of birth.

Health Astrology by date of birth Forecast

We now know that a person's date of birth can provide an early indicator of future health difficulties and illnesses. When we receive timely alerts from horoscopes regarding health issues, we feel more at ease taking preventative measures in advance rather than rushing to the doctor or hospital when problems arise. Do you now know how health astrology by date of birth applies to health-related issues? Astrology is a science that uses horoscopes to forecast good and bad health. The horoscope in astrology is made up of twelve houses. Every element of a person's life is covered by these twelve houses of horoscopes, including health.

The first house among these twelve houses symbolizes a person's mind, personality, and face; the second house is for voice and vocal cords; the third house is for arms and chest; the fourth house is for the heart; and so on. Health problems result from any malefic planets that have a negative influence on these houses. To be more precise, the 6th house in the natal chart in Vedic astrology is symbolic of health. Furthermore, the influence, and aspect of the fortunate and malefic planets on the 6th house determines whether an individual will be well or unwell. Additionally, It is advised to have a health astrology check every two years, based on factors such as age, work type, overall health risks, and health condition. Now, let us have a look at other aspects like zodiac signs, houses, and planets and what they indicate concerning health.

Zodiac signs, Houses, and Body Parts

Zodiac sign and House

Body part it rules

Aries and First house

Head, mind, and brain.

Taurus and Second house

Face, eyes, teeth, tongue, nose, ears, flesh, nails, bones, and fingers.

Gemini and Third house

Neck, throat, breathing, hands, collar bones, and body growth.

Cancer and Fourth house

Heart, lungs, blood, breast, chest, and diaphragm.

Leo and Fifth house

Upper abdomen, gallbladder, heart, liver, mind, spleen, mesentery, and intestines.

Virgo and Sixth house

Lower abdomen, flesh, bones, navel, mental faculties, anus, and kidneys.

Libra and Seventh house

Groins (place between thighs and abdomen ), semen, female organs, ovaries, bladder, uterus, breathing, pineal gland, and prostate glands.

Scorpio and Eight house

External genitals, blood, urine, and seminal vessels.

Sagittarius and Ninth house

Femoral arteries, thighs, and limbs.

Capricorn and Tenth house

Knees, flesh and bones, popliteal fossae, and patella.

Aquarius and Eleventh house

Breathing and buttocks, legs in general, left ear.

Pisces and Twelfth house

Left eye, feet, and blood.

Planets: Body parts and Diseases they indicate


Body parts they indicate



Belly, head, bone, skin, right eye, heart, and stomach.

Right eye problems, heart problems, skin and stomach, fractures, high fever, leprosy, inner fever, brain disorder, illnesses in the head, and all past diseases.


Heart, mind, lungs, blood, breast, left eye, alimentary canal, kidneys, lymph, water in body and intestines.

Heart problems, lungs, uterus, left eye, sleep inertia, diarrhea, asthma, anemia, blood poisoning, problems from water, kidney problems, vomiting, diabetes, irregular periods, dropsy, diseases of breasts and mammary glands, appendicitis, hydrocele, cough and cold.


Blood, neck, energy, marrow, veins, rectum veins, red matter in blood, genitals, nose, female organs, and vitality.

Head-related problems, wounds, cuts, poisoning, sore eyes, leprosy, energy loss, blood pressure, itching, problems in female organs, urinal diseases, bone fractures, boils, piles, cancer, tumors, menstrual problems, ulcers, rectal diseases, dysentery, fistula, mumps, chicken pox, and hernia.


Thighs, lungs, brain, fat, liver, semen, memory, ear, kidney, tongue, and spleen.

Liver diseases, kidneys, ears and lungs, diabetes, the malady of the tongue, lack of memory, thighs, dropsy and pancreas spleen, jaundice, tumors, blood poisoning, albumin in urine, abscesses, and dyspepsia.


Face, genitals, eyesight, urine and semen, body luster, throat, body and gland water, and chin.

problems of the face and eyes, STDs, aging of the body, fits, indigestion, throat problems, diabetes, feeling powerless, sexual incompetence, dropsy, fever, and hormonal diseases. goiter, gout, gonorrhea, syphilis, anemia, urethral illnesses, hernia, and general debility.


Legs, muscles, joint bones, limbs, ears, knees, teeth, spleen, skin, and hair.

Weakness, bone fracture, loss of limbs and damage, stomach pain, bone diseases, teeth, legs and skin, rheumatic pains, ugly hair, blindness, mental worry, paralysis, muscle pains, wounds, hysteria, deafness, baldness, tumors.


Feet, neck, and breathing.

Lung problems, feet problems, Leprosy, boils, ulcers, breathing difficulties, enlargement of spleen, hydrocele, cataract, varicose veins, stammering, hiccoughs, poisoning, and pains.


Belly, feet

Lung issues, fever, eye pain, boils, stomach pain, body pain, illnesses with no clear cause, intestinal worms, low blood pressure, hearing and speech disabilities, mental disorders, and phobias.


Chest, nerves, navel, skin, nose, spinal system, veins, gallbladder, lungs, mouth, arms, tongue, and hair

problems of the chest and nerves, cholera, epilepsy, chicken pox, problems of the navel, nose, gallbladder, toxic diseases, fracture, typhoid, crazy behavior, paralysis, indigestion, ulcers, fits, and skin and mouth disorders, as well as vertigo.

Other Factors to Consider

Likewise, the Dasha System, in conjunction with the examination of planet transit, will pinpoint the precise beginning and development of a disease. Much more information regarding the nature of sickness will become available when certain Yogas (combinations) of planets form. For example, eye sickness may occur if the Moon or Sun is in the 12th house. Similarly, discomfort with the Sun, Leo, and the fifth house brings problems with the heart.


Through health astrology by date of birth, individuals may examine possible health patterns and obtain knowledge regarding overall health. Moreover, Individuals can have a deeper awareness of their health and take proactive measures to maintain health and harmony in their lives by combining astrological solutions with modern medical procedures.

Additionally, every individual possesses a unique birth chart, with varying planet positions. Every chart is unique. No planet can directly affect a native's health in a good or bad way. Therefore, Understanding health astrology by date of birth and taking the assistance of an experienced astrologer is important.

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