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5 Card Tarot Reading: Complete Guide

5 card tarot reading

Updated Date : Tuesday, 30 Jan, 2024 12:04 PM

Tarot card reading has been used for divination and self-discovery since ancient times. But it can be difficult to know where to begin if you have never read tarot cards before! When you have an abundance of cards and a wide variety of tarot spreads to explore, a tarot reading can be complex. The five-card tarot reading is an excellent method to become familiar with the cards and find new perspectives on how to interpret and read them. 

Similar to a three-card tarot spread, a 5-card tarot reading gives you the opportunity to receive additional insight and detail about your life. Since five-card tarot readings can be applied to a wide range of circumstances, most tarot readers regularly incorporate them into their practice. When you need immediate answers, assistance making a decision, or support during a period of transition and change, you can use a five-card tarot reading. 

Of course, reading the tarot cards relies heavily on your own sense of intuition and knowledge of what is happening. Nonetheless, a five-card Tarot spread can help you develop your own Tarot reading abilities and guide your intuition. In this article, we will explore everything about this spread, like what the Five-Card tarot reading is, how to read Five Tarot cards spread, and much more. So without further ado, let’s start with the five-card tarot reading meaning.

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What is a Five-Card Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading spreads are collections of cards or patterns that are placed in a deck of tarot cards during a reading session. Once the cards are cut into a deck and shuffled, a spread is created. There are numerous ways to combine the 78 cards, and each pattern has a distinct meaning. The spreads typically include three to fifteen cards, but they can be any size or design. 

As the name implies, only five cards are used in five-card tarot spreads. Tarot spreads with five cards can address a wide range of issues, including those pertaining to family, career, love, and life in general. They can assist with decision-making and personal healing. The process involves selecting five cards and arranging them in a line, cross, or horseshoe pattern, either by you or the person asking the question. Every card makes a specific reference related to the subject matter.

The Basic Five Card Tarot Reading Spread

You can decide on a plan of action by using the standard five-card Tarot reading spread. This spread is excellent for beginners and is not too difficult to perform. You can use 5 card tarot reading for love, career, and guidance. It provides a little additional understanding of the querent's worries and makes recommendations regarding the most likely course of action as well as any unspoken possibilities.

  • 1st Card: Present – This card depicts the questioner's current circumstances. Establish the overall theme for the reading by connecting this to the query or issue raised by the questioner.

  • 2nd Card: Past - This card shows past incidents that are still having an impact on the circumstances at hand. As card 5 illustrates, these might have to go in order for the situation to work out to its best advantage.

  • 3rd Card: Future - If the querent continues on their current course, this card illustrates what will happen in the future based on the current circumstances.

  • 4th Card: Reasons/Causes – This card explains the factors or causes that brought the questioner to their current predicament. When used in conjunction with card 2, it may disclose any barriers that the querent is facing. If these two cards have a strong correlation, the querent needs to focus on what they are showing in order to realize the potential depicted in card 5.

  • 5th Card: Potential - This card shows what might happen if the person choosing to follow the guidance from cards 2 and 4 does so.

NOTE: The cards are advising the querent to stick with their current path and steer clear of the potentially harmful situations indicated by the other cards if card 3 indicates a positive outcome but cards 2, 4, and 5 are negative. It is important to remember that the fifth card represents the situation's hidden potential, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways in the reading.

Because the past card may be positive, it may indicate a situation in which the querent made a wise choice; in this case, they are encouraged to follow that advice. Card 4 will likely explain why they should continue as they have in the past in this situation rather than explaining why the querent is currently experiencing difficulties or the reason behind them.

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The Five-Card Horseshoe Tarot Spread

This version of the standard five-card tarot reading spread provides additional understanding of the querent's expectations and how those expectations are impacting the circumstances. The advice given is based on the querent's beliefs rather than their actions or inactions, and the past is not a crucial component of this arrangement. This spread can be used to illustrate the various facets of an issue by repeating it multiple times due to its simplicity.

  • 1st Card: This card shows the current state of affairs for the questioner. Establish the overall theme for the reading by connecting this to the query or issue raised by the questioner.

  • 2nd Card: This card shows the situation as the querent expects it to be. It might disclose things that the questioner presently hopes or believes will happen.

  • 3rd Card: This card stands for the unexpected or what the questioner is not aware of at the moment.

  • 4th Card: This card represents what lies ahead. This will occur during the next few days or weeks. These are items that the respondent is just now unable to obtain, but they will soon be.

  • 5th Card: The distant future is symbolized by this card. If the respondent keeps going in the same direction, this will show the long-term effects of the circumstances.

Remember that if card number two is negative, the questioner feels they do not deserve a positive result. This propensity for self-destruction arises from a deeply held belief that needs to be altered in order to get the best result.

Connect the dots between cards 2 and 3 if cards 4 and/or 5 are negative. In the event that any of the latter is negative, the querent should make the appropriate adjustments to modify the short- and long-term results. This is the reason for the negative events coming up in the future. Although the energies are already shaping the events shown, short-term results might be harder to alter, but the situation's severity can still be decreased.

How To Read Five Tarot Cards Reading?

In tarot readings, one of the most widely used and adaptable spreads is the Five Card Spread. In this article, we’ll explore how to read 5 card tarot reading with each card’s meaning in the spread. 

Step 1: Collect the Resources

You will need a comfortable reading space and a deck of tarot cards in order to perform a five-card tarot reading. Keeping a journal or notebook to record your readings and any additional insights you have is also beneficial. 

Step 2: Clear Your Thoughts and Decide on Your Goals

You need to clear your head and decide what you want to accomplish before you start reading. You can achieve that by practicing mindfulness, meditation, or any other type of self-care that promotes relaxation and concentration. Once you are at ease and composed, you can state your intention or pose a query and read it out loud.

Step 3: Cut and Shuffle the Card Deck.

After that, divide your Tarot deck into three piles by shaking it. Kindly take the best cards from each pile and arrange them, starting from the left. The cards you select will serve as the foundation for your study.

Step 4: Interpret the Cards

Analyze the meanings of each card and how it relates to your question or goal if you have arranged the cards correctly. Think about each card's general meaning as well as its symbolism. In order to gain a deeper comprehension of the meaning of the cards, it can also be beneficial to study the tarot books or consult with a professional psychic.

Step 5: Write down Your Reading

You should write down your thoughts after reading. That is a great way to monitor your development. Additionally, it aids in a deeper comprehension of the interpretations and guidance provided by 5 card tarot reading.

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5 Card Tarot Reading for Love

The five-card tarot reading can provide direction and clarity in romantic relationships. It can provide insight into your emotions, past experiences, prospective future events, the causes of your circumstances, and the possible course of events.

5 Card Tarot Reading for Career And Finance

The five-card tarot spread can offer insightful advice on handling financial difficulties or making plans for a safe future. It can assist you in comprehending your financial situation as it stands right now, previous financial choices, prospective opportunities in the future, underlying causes, and possible financial results.

5 Card Tarot Reading for Embracing Changes

Life is full of change all the time. The five-card tarot reading can help you when you are adjusting to small changes or managing a big transition. You can use a five-card tarot reading for guidance and comprehension of your current circumstances, past encounters, probable future events, the causes of the change, and the possibility of development and transformation.

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The 5-card tarot reading spread is a reliable tool, whether you are an expert reader or are just getting started in this mysterious art. It provides depth, adaptability, and guidance in a variety of circumstances. This spread can brighten your path and inspire you to make decisions with your eyes wide open, from accepting your current situation to exploring past influences and spotting future opportunities. It is now time to take out your tarot deck and explore the mysteries of the five-card tarot reading.

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